Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back from vacation part 1

We spent a few days in Port Aransas with my family at one of our favorite hotels: Port Royal. A good time was had by all (except maybe not Kerry when he got sick with an ear and bronchial infection, and Rhett who had fever and a cough the last day). I, personally, enjoyed being with not only my kids and parents and Jessica (and Josh - tee hee), but I also LOVED being able to spend time with Kerry. It was a rare treat.

Rhett on the way to Port Aransas. Snack + Movie = Happy QUIET Rhett.

Don't tickle me, Da-tee!!! I'm trying to watch my movie!

The boys LOVED the ferry ride to the island.

Rhett truly thought he was in heaven while on the ferry. The noise, the wind in his hair and the water were quite stimulating to this city boy.

Rhett using his muscles.

More to come... It won't let me post more than a few pics at a time...


A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

Your vacation looked so fun! I want to take the boys to the beach next summer and I've been hearing Port Aransas is awesome!