Sunday, February 28, 2010

I could see light at the end of the tunnel

Rhett was eating. He was playing. He was yelling at Madalyn to leave him alone so he could eat in peace. I thought he was WELL.

I was wrong.

This is how I found him once we got home from church today.

He didn't look so hot, but no doubt he was. Poor guy had a temp of 103.3.

I immediately gave him Advil, took off his layers of clothes and put him to bed. Shortly after, I found him like this.

And because it was so sweet, I couldn't help but take a close-up of Towmater in his little hand. I thought it was the perfect portrait of a boy, ya know? They're never too sick for their cars, and they're never cuter than when they sleep with them.

He did well the rest of the day, but he did go to bed with a fever of 103.2. I wonder what tomorrow may bring. I'm hoping it'll be a flashlight so I can navigate my way through this darkened tunnel of the-house-that-will-never-be-well-again.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Twiddling Thumbs

This virus must really wear you out. Although Grant had a pretty good day today, I did find him like this about thirty minutes ago...

But I guess that's better than how he was a week ago, huh?

And as you probably guessed, Rhett has the Infinity Virus now, too, because heaven forbid we just get back to restful nights and normal days. He was up a lot of the night with fever and a stuffy nose. He finally went to sleep during nap time today. Can you tell he tried to fight it?

Personally, I don't think I could sleep with toys all around me whilst snuggling up to a hard, plastic lid, but then again, that's just me.

I, on the other hand, am feeling much better - as long as I take Advil Cold and Sinus. The doc did prescribe a steroid and an antibiotic yesterday, and the effects are already being felt - thank goodness! I can't be husbandless with two sick kids while I'm sick as well. I mean, I am Super Woman, but I am not Miracle Woman! Luckily for me, my mother-in-law came over to help out yesterday afternoon/night, and she's coming over again tomorrow. Thank goodness!!!
I think I can safely say that you and I have the same feeling toward the month of February now, Kory. It STINKS! I wish my month of February was exciting like Andrea's. That's okay though. I guess I can look forward to fun summer play dates at Sienna's kid pool with you guys. I'm not above inviting ourselves out to your place, girl!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here she is... Miss America!

I finally found a handyman to hang the 6 light chandelier in my room I got for my birthday two months ago. The L.O.N.G. wait was worth it though - it looks even better in my room than I dreamed. It's like the perfect handbag or necklace that make that little black dress that you love stand apart from all the other black dresses in the room, ya know? It's more than eye candy... it's soul candy.

The surrounding black shade is made of silk strands which is why you can see through it. And the crystals... OH, they are just beautiful. I found this ceiling bling on for a MEGA price break (I'm talking at least an $800 price break), and that makes me love it even more. So, I invite you to join in with me and behold its graceful spirit.

lights on

she's still just as breathtaking when the lights are off

A family update - Grant is still sick and still running a fever of 102.4. This is day six now. I woke up this morning feeling pretty miserable. I feel like my lungs are going to catch fire every time I cough (OUCH) which is often since my asthma is really acting up. I don't understand this b/c I really jumped on my meds when I felt the asthma creeping up on me, but they just can't keep up. My head hurts. My muscles hurt. My fingers actually hurt as I am typing. My skin hurts. My joints hurt. My head hurts, and my nose is stopped up. I am going to the doc tomorrow (love your dad, Heidi) and I'm hoping I will get a MEGA steroid shot to get control over my asthma and a nice, fat antibiotic (because if antibiotics were fat, I would want a really fat one) that will cure what is hopefully a monster infection and NOT the virus Grant has b/c frankly, I can NOT be sick as long as he has been. I'll rip my hair out and my house will be taken over by little boys since it's Kerry's busy season and he doesn't get home until at least 11 every night. I've already called in subs for my sweet students tomorrow... not that I could go to school anyway since G is still sick. But (Did you see that, Jordan? I started a sentence with "but") at least I can lie in my bed and stare up at my beautiful new light (while watching "The Golden Girls", of course).

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Perhaps I need some stronger Lysol

This is Grant's fifth day to be sick. This is his fifth day to have fever ranging from 102.4 to 103.9. This is his fifth day to feel pretty yucky. Count it - one. two. three. four. five. Uggggh!
So far in those five days...
1. He has missed three days of school.
2. I have missed one day of school.
3. Grant has seen the pediatrician twice and has received the same diagnosis both times = blood tests confirm it's a virus and we have to let it run its course. It is not the flu. I wish it was since there are actually meds for that and it would probably be gone by now. And get this - the doc says this virus can last up to two weeks. TWO WEEKS PEOPLE! YIKES!
4. Grant has spent Days #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 like this
5. Thankfully Rhett has spent a lot of the time playing games on the Leapster or the computer.
*don't judge me for my messy desk

6. And between being the in-house pharmacist and doing daily chores, I made this yummy treat just for me. I don't usually reward myself with food, but this is chocolate and peanut butter we're talking about here, dear readers, and that is not something to be ignored. I plan on devouring a piece with some milk during "Lost" tonight. Yes, I am VERY excited about this little date.

7. My asthma has started acting up, so I am certainly not at my best. The tight/inflamed chest feeling is not a fun one. I sure wish my asthma meds worked faster!

Until next time, keep your fingers crossed that Grant gets well so he will not only feel better and continue life away from the couch, but that we can return to our normal routine of school and homework and lesson plans and grading papers in a healthy, virus and asthma free house.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

This post is not for everyone...

... because many do not find rules of the written English language as stimulating as I do. It certainly is not a topic I'd bring up on a first date (or fifty-first date for that matter), and I know I may be labeled a total dork for this, but who else thinks punctuation rules and sentence structures are not only fun but also interesting? (I'm guessing Rick J won't leave me hanging.) Discussing such a topic as this is almost as exciting as finding that perfect pair of shoes. (Not that you would really understand that emotion, Rick. hee hee)

All young writers that I've taught over the last nine years want to start sentences with "and" or "but", but I do not allow mine to do so. Below is part of an email I sent to one of my parents regarding some questions she had about such rules. I had the best time communicating back and forth with her about it. My brain feels stimulated and ready to solve the problem of world peace.

It is my understanding that starting a sentence with "and" and "but" is becoming more commonly accepted as it was in the 18th century (and the Bible is full of them). Yes, authors and writers do begin sentences with "and" and "but", but it is "excused" as they are published and can "do what they want". In the meantime, the rest of us unpublished folks are expected to refrain from such no-no's as such practices are still considered informal writing - especially if a comma is not used to separate the dependant and in dependant clauses they create in complex sentences. Texas students are taught how to correctly begin a sentence with sub. conjunctions like "and", "but" when they are in the fifth/sixth grades. Until then, I prefer my students to not begin sentences with sub. conjunctions so they won't get itno an early practice of misusing them. In the future, it is highly expected that commas (and therefore starting a sentence with "and" or "but") will be perfectly acceptable for all of us (published or not) as the trend seems to show us reverting back to the more lenient ways of the writers of the 1700's. A big reason for this is the use of new technologies. People do not want to take the time to add in correct punctuation in emails and when texting. Since those technologies were not available to you and me when we were in school, no one considered not not using them.

As an added bonus for sticking with this post that most probably had noooooooooo interest in, I am excited to announce that Kerry got me a camera for Valentine's Day, and I'll soon be posting pictures and videos again. Wooooo-hoooooo. I took a really cute video of Rhett eating chocolate pudding today. He was actually moaning with delight while eating it. He gets that from me. Chocolate is my best friend.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday and Tuesday in Pictures (and a few words)

I couldn't help but share with the world how messy Rhett's face usually looks prior to me cleaning it off before going anywhere. I am still a tad confused as to how his face can remain sooooooo dirty the majority of the day.

At least he has a cute face!

I stumbled upon this scene this morning. Don't be fooled. This is not a portrait of mutual addoration. Madalyn is NOT a fan of Rhett.
Rhett, however, IS a fan of Madalyn.
(No, I had not done his hair yet.)

Look at my new counter high table I got for Christmas!!! Don't you love the red chairs/stools and the white legs on the table? I gotta tell ya, the ensemble looks quite at home in my red/white kitchen, and the table top is the same color as the new floors.
Even better yet, it can seat EIGHT!!!!!!
Even better still, the bottom cross beams on the new
chairs are not chewed up with teething marks
from Madalyn's puppy days. It all looks brand spanking new!

We like to sew, play games, do homework and make crafts on our new table. Oh, and we eat at our new table, too.

This chubby little fella lives right outside the office window. He says hello several times a day, and I've grown quite fond of not only his presence, but his plump bird belly as well. I was thinking of naming him "Weeble" from that song/poem that says
"Weebles may wobble but they don't fall down".

I've never burned double noodle soup before - until today. Guess I shouldn't check email when something's on the stove. Not only does it look gross, but take me at my word when I tell you smelled even worse.

Rhett wanted to take his favorite monkey puppets (Monkey and Curious George) for a walk.

And now I leave you with pictures that I happened to find on my camera when I was uploading this post...

Grant's shadow

I guess only boys think fire hydrants, water lines and dead grass
are cool enough to take pictures of.

Hmmmmm. I didn't even know he found my camera or that he took it outside!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Dinner, anyone?

Free double decker rubber fishing worm sandwich. Going once, going twice...

Creative? Yes. A waste of bread? YES!
Where does Grant get these ideas from?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Blues

The good news = Grant is better.
The bad news = Rhett started throwing up at 2 this morning.

Never fear, I have already bleached and Lysoled and cleaned and mopped and sprayed the house down. Ain't no way germs will win this time. I have also already done two loads of what I have affectionately named Vomit Laundry, Rhett has had a bath and I, too, have showered. All of this done by 1 p.m!!!

I could really use a nap!

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday Stinks!

Yip! I'm the dork that uses alliteration in her blog post titles!

Although I don't much care for the Super Bowl as I don't understand a lick about football and tend to get rather annoyed that the game starts and stops so much, I do enjoy Super Bowl parties. And really, what's not to love? The food is oh sooooo good, and the fun I have just chatting with my girlfriends is enough to keep me coming back every year. Oh, wait! I also enjoy the half time shows and commercials. So I guess I like the food, the company, the half time shows and commercials. Hmmmmm. Looks like I enjoy the Super Bowl more than I thought, and this is why I am feeling pretty bummed about tonight. What was supposed to have been a fun evening turned into a doozie as Grant has come down with some sort of stomach bug. His stomach has had him crying and bent over in pain for the last four hours, although the first sign of the illness began this morning. He has been trying to relax on the couch in between stomach cramps and having to run to the bathroom. I've tried all the mommy tricks I know to try to ease his discomfort. I've tried giving him Motrin and Tylenol in the hopes that the different ingredients might trigger some relief. Neither seemed to help. I've given him Pepto Bismal, Tums and Rolaids. Those didn't help. I tried giving him Ginger Ale. Nothing. Crackers? Nope. The sweet boy desired so much to feel better that he began to beg me to call the doctor and became quite agitated when I reminded him that Dr. Mao doesn't work on weekends. He calmed down when I promised I would call him first thing in the morning. Thank goodness "Clash of the Dinosaurs" was on Animal Planet (or was it the Discovery Channel?) as it helped him get his mind off of his ailments and the missing Dr. Mao. As soon as the show ended, he asked if I could put him in bed. Now you KNOW something's off when Grant asks to be put to bed! I tucked him into my bed so I can keep a close eye on him throughout the night. He had difficulty going to sleep due to stomach cramps, so I tickled his back to help relax him. He finally drifted off to Slumber Land. I am so thankful for sleep, ya know? There is no pain in sleep. There is no sadness in sleep. There is only rest... what a gift!

Since he's been in bed, I've...
1. been crossing my fingers that this virus won't progress into throwing up
2. Lysoled the house including light switches, doorknobs and the remote
3. eaten Frosted Flakes for dinner instead of Super Bowl party food I was soooooooo looking forward to. Although they weren't the healthiest choice, I can say they were Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat nonetheless.
4. tried to tell myself that I am not bummed that Grant will be home tomorrow instead of going to school
5. washed my hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and hot water about thirteen times

Well, I suppose all's not lost. I have a quiet house to myself for the time being. Maybe I should take advantage of it and watch a movie and snack on 100 calorie popcorn until I'm too tired to keep my eyes open. I sure would like to curl up on the couch with a cozy fire to celebrate the evening even more, but alas, it is not cold enough. I hear there is potential for another bout of sleet and snow later on in the week though. Maybe I'll just save my fireside T.V. watching for then.

Who won the game tonight anyways? Oh, who am I kidding pretending to care? I don't even know who was playing! I've got bigger things on my mind like how to keep the rest of the household well.

On a side note, I am getting tired of not being able to post pictures or videos of the boys since both of my cameras are dead. Sorry, grandparents. Hopefully a new camera is in my near future.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Seriously, where is the sun? I love the rain and all, but it's been five days since we last saw any sunbeams penetrating the gloomy clouds. Just continuous rain, rain, rain, and no thunder! What's that about? What good is rain w/o lightning and thunder for five straight days? Sigh...

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