Thursday, July 3, 2008

Au Revoir

I think that's how you say "bye" in French... Anywho, I'm off to Europe with Garrett (little bro) and Jessica (little sis) for the next ten days (we leave Saturday). We will be in France most of the time visiting places like Rennes, Normandy, Tours, LeMans, LeMont, Lyon, Paris, and then we will be heading to London for a few days. My dad very much wants this to be a FAB trip for all three of us, and I am sure it absolutely will be. Despite what is sure to be a sweet adventure that lies ahead, I am a bit nervous (my middle name: Amanda Nervous Kilgore). I am not good with "new" things, and this certainly qualifies as new as I have never been overseas. I've been to Hawaii, but does that count?? Also, this will be the longest amount of time I will have been away from the boys, and this makes me a bit sad. I have been away from Kerry for this long before due to his business trips, but it is never easy telling your loved ones goodbye no matter how much practice you've had. But, I am sure that even though we will all be going our different directions, the Lord will keep us safe and return us to one another soon. I am sure that once I get on the plane, I will be able to let loose a bit and enjoy being CHILDLESS!!!! Wooooo-hooooooo! I still can't rap my mind around the idea of there being no diapers to change, no tee-tee sheets to change in the middle of the night, no Backyardigans or Baby Einstein, no sibling arguments to break up, no fits or tempers to deal with, no going to the grocery store with two small children - ROCK ON!!!! (Have you heard of the list of ten things you should do before you have kids to make sure you are prepared for them??? One of the items on the list says "you should take at least one goat with you to the grocery store. You will need to keep it with you at all times, and you will need to make sure it eats or disturbs nothing..." PERFECT example of what it's like going to the grocery store with kids.) Although I'll enjoy my freedom, I have a feeling that the plane won't land quick enough on our way back to the states - I know I'll miss the boys and Kerry (oh, and Madalyn, Mexican food and DrPepper) more than I can imagine.

Well, I'm off to finish packing. Can't wait to share my childless adventures and pictures with you upon my return. Now watch me have to sit by some loud mouthed two-year-old on the plane... either that or a screaming baby... just my luck.

Boys and their toys

Here's a conversation Grant and I had tonight after dinner:

Grant: Momma, me and Da-tee are going to go get some tools!! (very excited, loud voice)
Me: Tools? Why??? (We have no need for more tools. We build and fix nothing. The most high-tech it gets at our house is the changing of light bulbs and batteries.)
Grant: Because Da-tee said we could get some.

I go to Kerry =
Me: Kerry, don't go overboard with the tools. Just get a few.
Kerry: Okay (he says in an assuring way as he closes the front door behind him)

This is what they came home with...
Would anyone else agree that this is the exact definition of "overboard"???