Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Youth Group, a Vision for Haiti and a Talent Show= Part 1

I have been trying, to no evail (sp?), to upload videos from the talent show our youth group planned to help raise money ($7,000) for Haiti. But, being the hard-headed person I am, I shall NOT give up! After all, tomorrow is another day...

In the meantime, I thought I would post these two pictures that depict the rocker that Rhett is sure to be, come to find out. We know he likes music. No shocker there. We know that if you dare to change the station in the middle of a song that he likes while driving in the car, you will get lip about it. Loud lip that goes something like, "Hey, Mama! Dat is my bavorite tong!" (BTW, they are all his favorite.) We know that he spends 99% of his days chanting and singing, but we did not know that he was a mic hog. Yip. Go ahead and give a big "Oink!" at him because he will take charge of your mic, and you will NOT get it back.

L.O.N.G. story short, Kerry and a band from church sang "Mustang Sally" and "Takin' Care of Business". I was asked to sing back-up and play the tambourine. I laughed at this thought for a few days because I was pretty sure that NOTHING would make me feel more dumb and useless than standing there playing a tambourine. But, I walked away having had a BLAST, and I also learned that I actually rock the tambourine. It's okay that I sometimes accidentally referred to it as a cymbal during band practice... It just matters that I rocked the house with it in the real show.

Back to Rhett... So while we were rehearsing, Rhett asked me to hold him. I thought it was because he was tired. Silly me. You better believe that just as soon as I picked him up, he reached across me, swiveled the mic stand to face his mouth, and he began to sing lead with Kerry, "Ride, Sally, ride!" And he knew when to do it, too, which means he had to have been sitting there and internalizing the song as we practiced. I got so tired of holding him that I ended up pulling up a chair to the mic and letting Rhett stand on it so I could catch my breath.

After I tried many times to get my mic back, I finally decided to go with the wise, old saying (that I've altered a bit for this post's purpose), "If you can't beat 'em at the mic, join 'em at the mic."

More talent show pics and videos to come soon including a video of Rhett singing lead with Kerry, my performance of my favorite big band song "Stuff Like That There", and a group of very funny people, that we cautiously admit are our friends in the fear you might think we're crazy, participating in thier own "special" way for the youths' Haiti Talent Show fundraiser.

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