Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In case you wanted a visual aid...

Last night was a normal night. We ate dinner, the kids got a bath, and they were to put to bed. I was enjoying my quiet time on the couch while eating Reduced Fat Oreos when I heard an unfamiliar cry coming from Rhett's room. You know what this means, Moms. It means that you prepare yourself for anything as you quickly enter the child's room as you have no idea what to expect since it's not a sad cry, it's not a scared cry, it's not a mad cry and it's not a sleepy cry. And as a mom, you KNOW the differences. This cry - it was new, and I knew it could not be good.

I knew what was wrong as soon I entered his dark room - I could smell it. Yip. It was the foul, unmistakable smell of vomit.

Grant was woken by the noise and unbeknownst to me, he quickly used the opportunity as a spring board for drawing ideas. He decided he'd draw each time Rhett threw up. One could easily say Grant never suffers from Drawer's Block. The child uses anything and everything as inspiration. I mean, doesn't everyone use vomit as an inspiration for art work?

I was trying to get Grant back to sleep and deal with a sick baby who was throwing up every ten minutes!!! when I had to break down and call Kerry. He was so sweet. He left his dinner with a client to come home and help me.

I ran off to the grocery store at midnight since I was out of laundry detergent (I can NOT let vomit laundry sit overnight.) and Lysol and Sprite. I had already had my shower for the night, so I threw on my glasses, some mismatched clothes, threw my hair up in a make-do pony tail and headed out the door. I was sure I would see no one I knew, so I didn't care how I looked. But as usual, I guessed wrong, and I DID run into someone I knew at the store. BUMMER! It was the beloved Mr. Ray, our neighbor. He's the manager of the store, so it makes sense for him to be there, but I could've sworn I saw his car in his driveway as I was leaving the house which is another reason why I felt "safe" to enter the store in less than my Sunday best. He was very kind when he saw me. He did a bit of a double take and said, "Amanda? What are you doing here this late?" I gave him a quick version of the story. He offered to help me out to my car and made sure to ask if Kerry was home to help. As if that wasn't nice enough, he told me to bring Rhett into the store when he was well for a cookie. What a great neighbor, huh?!

Today I am keeping a close eye on Rhett who is watching "Little Einsteins" over and over again, and I am trying to conquer the vomit laundry that has piled up in the bathroom. Since I'm washing all things "sick" twice in hot water, it's taking a while, but by golly, it will get done.

And for those that would like a visual aid of the night's happenings, I give you Grant's interpretation of last night... you can click on the picture to enlarge it.

He drew a picture of Rhett each time he threw up. I circled those in red. The green box in the bottom left corner is a picture of me giving Rhett a shower after one of his many sick episodes. I'm not sure what the rest of the drawings are. I believe some are of Rhett lying in bed.

What a brother, huh?? I think he decided to do this after I kicked him out of Rhett's room. He kept coming in with Kerry's guitar wanting to sing/play a song for Rhett to make him feel better. YES, it was a very sweet motive, but I was trying my darnedest to keep Grant from catching the bug. Anywho, when Kerry got home from his dinner, Grant showed him the drawing so he'd know what was going on. Kerry got a good laugh out of it. Only Grant would do such a thing. What a nut. Who knows. Someday he may be a famous artist and you will be able to proudly boast, "I knew him when he drew pictures of vomiting kids." ha ha

Kerry was finally able to get Grant back to sleep, and I was finally able to get Rhett resting comfortably.

Wish us luck.

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