Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just Stay Inside!!!

Yes, it is that unbearable outside today! As a matter of fact, I think it is so hot, it's too hot to swim! So why on earth did I take the kids to our favorite park today??? First of all, I had extreme cabin fever (I get it rather easily and often) and HAD to get out of the house. Going to the grocery store, Target, etc. does not count. Second, the boys were restless and needed to do some running around. Third, I did not know it was THAT hot.

Our short excursion lasted about 20 minutes because both boys (and myself) were soooooooo hot and just... well... miserable! Before you decide that I am a pansy, you must realize that I really do do things in this Houston heat/humidity/no breeze climate with the boys. We really do play in the sun and sweat really does drip off of us, and our outdoor activities always last more than 20 minutes. But today, man! We could not do it. Rhett's little face turned as red as a beet, and Grant was begging to go home. I was personally imagining a cold pool that I could jump into, but I think no such thing exists today. The pools have got to be extremely warm! So, my image changed to a cool bath instead. Anyway, it must be the hottest day of the summer so far. The weather man made it sound like it was, but I did not believe him as they are often wrong. They were correct today. I thought that the fact that the park is covered by a fabulous canopy of trees would make the heat bearable. Nope.

Here's a few pictures of our short adventure:

Rhett chasing (supposed to be feeding) the ducks. He chased them all the way to the little pond and was pretty ticked when I would not let him go in the water with his new found feathered friends.
Rhett enjoying his man-made breeze.

We brought hot dog buns to feed to the ducks. The first thing Grant did when we arrived at the park was not swing or play on the equipment. The first thing he did was seat himself at a table and begin to chomp down on duck food. Poor kid - guess he decided he would eat today after all.

Following the trail to the duck pond. (Look closely: Grant is eating another hot dog bun.)

Grant with his new friends he met at the park. How is it that my son finds the biggest sticks and carries them around as his prized park possession? Boys and their toys!

Where did Rhett learn to climb UP the slide??? Hmmmm - could it be from Grant??? We'll have to break that habbit before they go to kindergarten, isn't that right all you teachers out there? Nothing causes recess playground issues more than the kid who goes UP instead of DOWN the slide. Been there, done that.

We saw ducks, turtles, and got a rare look at a random bunny...

But, it was hot and we were miserable, so we went home!