Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We're still here!

It's been quite a while since I last posted, so although there is not much to report, I did want to share a few videos and pics taken over the last few days. I am sure they will make the grandparents' day!

Rhett's Newest Tricks

Who's the couch potato in your family? Rhett is ours...
He's proud of it, too:

Baby-proof dishwasher lock needed:

Pucker up! Rhett now gives sweet open-mouthed-baby-kisses that make your heart melt.

This is a video of Rhett portraying an elephant; one of his favorite animals. You have to wait 'till the very end, but he lifts his arm (the elephant's nose) and trumpets.

Gee whiz! Talk about a temper!! No doubt he's got Martin in his blood. Does anyone else get the idea that he does not want to perform as an elephant in Mommy's Talent Show any longer? He got in trouble for this one. (it's really funny though) On the bright side, he's got a good arm. Look out Astros; you've got a new pitcher coming your way...

High-fives are great fun. Rhett saw me give Grant a high-five the other day in the car, and he wanted in on this "allowable hitting" game as well.

Grant's Turn

Looks like Grant loves Jesus and God after all... (little inside joke for the fam) As we were sitting on the couch talking tonight, out of the blue Grant looked at me and said, "I like Jesus and God." It was so sweet I asked him to say it again so I could get it on video.

Gramma told Grant to smile for the camera and look handsome. He looked at her and said he already looked handsome... I'd agree to that!

Until next time, take a hike, Ike!