Friday, November 20, 2009

It's okay that this week...

... I told Grant that Rhett and I would eat lunch with him at school on Wednesday and that I'd bring McDonalds with me and ended up showing up with donuts and chocolate milk instead. Hmmmm, it seems that McDonlads doesn't sell lunch food until 10.30, and I needed to order my food at 10.15. Grant sure didn't mind the change of the day's menu. Not sure what I can say about what his teacher thought. I was feeling guilty about it until I realized I could possibly win a Nobel *prize for it since it seems those things are being handed out like hot cakes to just about anyone.

...The loud thunder kept us up last night which meant that Rhett was crying b/c he was scared so Grant couldn't sleep and then Grant needed a breathing treatment at 3.30 a.m. due to coughing that was keeping ALL of us up. Why do these things happen when Daddy is out of town?

...I left the sunroof partially opened in my car overnight. Not a big deal, but since it rained outside, it rained a bit inside my car as well and we, along with the a little neighbor girl, Ashlyn, had to drive to school in a wet car on a cool morning. That's a great way to start the day, huh?

...I left my favorite dessert (chocolate brownies with chocolate icing and colored sprinkles) out within Madalyn's reach while picking up Grant and Ashlyn from school. I came home to find this.

But despite all the "fun", there were some high points. My favorite being that Grant got to go to the Treasure Chest today at school and pick out a prize for once again earning all of his positive reward stickers. Instead of getting something for HIM, he got something for ME. He said he knew I would like it b/c it had flowers and lots of pink. HOW SWEET!!!!!!! I think it may be the sweetest thing he's ever done for me.

Grant drew a picture of Thanksgiving at school this week. What are the black arrows pointing to, you ask? That would be the big white wind-powered windmills that are between Texas and New Mexico. I know that when I think of Thanksgiving, I often associate windmills with the holiday as well as pie and turkey.

Oh, and who can forget another high point of the week?! My little brother, Garrett, got engaged to his high school sweetheart, Danielle. She is beautiful, sweet, smart, gentle, quiet and just about the skinniest thing with perfect naturally curly hair you've laid eyes on. They are looking forward to a summer wedding. I am looking forward to getting another perfect sister!

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