Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our neighbor has a brand new pet, E.I.E.I.O

While the boys and I began an evening walk last night, we ran into some neighborhood kids that asked quite the random question: Have you seen the baby cow? As far as I knew, I had not suffered any head trauma lately, but I found myself saying, "A baby cow? Where?" I mean, this is a nice neighborhood in Sugar Land, TX, with lots of traffic and smog - this is NOT the place where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play. I knew the family of the house the kids were pointing to, so the boys and I knocked on their door in the hopes of meeting this random livestock animal. Sure enough, they had brought home a six day old bull calf. (They have a ranch about an hour away from here, and when they visited the ranch this last weekend, they found a brand new baby and the mom was no where to be found... )To keep it from starving, they packed up the "tiny" 30 pound baby, and he now resides on their back porch. The boys and I loved on him and even got to feed him his HUGE bottle.
To quote the new human mommy, "He sleeps through the night!" No doubt they are PUMPED about that!
In the meantime, we have been sworn to secrecy as they are trying to keep his presence hidden from our Home Owner's Association. Oooooops. I highly doubt any of you will be turning them in. :)
It has been raining and raining and raining here. Last night, however, the rains came down and the floods came up, and due to heavy flooding in the area (our house is fine), schools are closed today. This is bad news for me as I was supposed to work today, but since Grant's preschool is also closed, I am having to take a personal day. Oh well - I suppose that's what they're for. It's just that our last day of school is May 14th, and I am really trying to get through the entire curriculum before that day comes. Since we've lost several school days this year due to Ike and other issues presented by Mother Nature, I'm really having to double time it. I REALLY feel sorry for my public school teaching buddies as tomorrow is the TAKS, and it is a BIG deal to miss school the day before TAKS as it is a huge review and "pumping the kids up" day. I can only imagine how those teachers are feeling right now.
Kerry said many roads/highways/intersections are closed due to high water, but he made it to work. It took him two hours, but he made it. I was crossing my fingers that he'd give up and come back home to spend the day with us. But, it is his busy season, and he is a trooper - so I am very proud of him for sticking it out!