Thursday, May 21, 2009

Micah Saves The Day

Micah H. totally lifted my spirits tonight. The boys and I (sans Kerry - he was working late - again) packed up in the car and headed off towards a going away party for a friend who is moving to Tennessee. The evening did not go as planned as somehow we got in the car w/o Grant's shoes (had to stop at a store on the way to the part-a to get more). Rhett added to the "fun" by being fussy (guess he should've gone to sleep during nap time, huh?). When we finally got to the restaurant, the music (there was a live band) was soooo loud and the line to place your order was sooo long and I was NOT in the mood to wait in a long line with two kids, that I decided I had reached my breaking point for the day. I told my friend a quick goodbye and left in a bad mood. I had been looking forward to this evening for a week now only to go back home five minutes after we arrived. I think if Kerry would've been there we could have maybe pulled it off, or he could've taken the boys home and I could've stayed. Oh well.

But Micah H. gave me the best news ever as we were on our way out to the parking lot... I get to sing "All That Jazz" from the musical "Chicago" in VBS this year. Micah is writing and directing the show (Wow! How she has the energy to do this, I don't know. Not only does she teach 1st grade all day, but she gets up at 3:00 a.m. to work out!), and I told her a L-O-N-G time ago that I'd love to sing THAT song. I had actually forgotten I had told her that - until tonight. Yipppeeeeee! Do you know how awesome that song is??? It's fun. It's upbeat. It's jazzy. It's sexy. It's LOUD. It's the kind of song you lose yourself in. It's the kind of song you sing your heart out to while in the shower - It's PERFECT. Are you getting the feel here? Basically, it's the kind of song that makes your day. (It certainly ranks up there with "Love Shack" by the B25's in my opinion, and that's saying a lot here, people.) So thanks, Micah, for making my doozy of an evening more tolerable. I do believe I'll be singing in the shower tonight instead of shaking my fists. Hope my neighbors don't mind...

How can I ever repay her??? I know: Don't worry, Micah. I'll always have your back whenever you are being verbally attacked by a crazy person during a Girls' Weekend in "Canton". ha ha

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