Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Family Wedding Shower

In keeping with the Martin tradition, Danni (Dannielle), my bro's fiance, was thrown a family shower a few weekends ago in Austin. Just like my family shower, Danni's took place at Green Pastures in Austin which is known for its 100+ year old house and gorgeous grounds. Oh, yes... Can't forget the peacocks. Green Pastures is also known for their peacocks.

A.L.L. of them!
And so very beautiful! (Well, maybe not so much the females - Oh, God and his funny, funny, funny humor.)
They even have a few rare white peacocks who put on quite the show. They seem to know when it's time for their close-up and pose so prim and proper for the cameras' flashes while either gracefully adorning a tree's limb...

... or just showing off their spread.

The original Martin granddaughters = me, Sommer, Jessica and Hailey (who's three months prego!!!!)

The old with the new = me, Sommer, Jessica, Danielle (isn't she so very beautiful??) and Hailey

Grandmother Martin and me - (not the best picture in the world of either of us, but at least she looked better than I did)

It's hard to believe the wedding is about five weeks away... Never thought my little brother would be getting married. But, it appears that he really has grown up and really is going to marry his high school sweat heart. (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! So sweet!)
Well, Green Pastures, we'll see you again very soon. Might I suggest you lock up your prized peacocks before Abigail, Annalise, Grant, Jackson, Emmaline, Rhett, Noelle, Everett and Coleman (the Martin great-grandkids) arrive. Either that, or you could just teach your birds how to run away - - - - - - QUICKLY!

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