Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Smorgasbord of This and That

Not much to tell around our parts. It's all the same old thing - go to school, teach school, do the laundry, fold the laundry, put away the laundry, start the whole laundry process over again, change diapers and chase Rhett and his ever growing personality around...

He decided to take his clothes off while playing outside the other day.

Then he began to race through the puddles.

What could possibly make playing outside in the puddles whilst being 99% naked any more fun?
Why not wear a policeman's hat as well?

I can't decide if he's cute or if he looks like a stripper in the making.

Another pallet on the floor. Really, I HATE pallets. SUCH a mess.

A close-up of Rhett's new haircut. Somehow when I said the word "trim", the hairdresser heard "buzz". I about flipped when I saw her take the sheerers to his head. (Can one use the word "sheerers" when talking about a human, or is that phrase only reserved for sheep?) Thank goodness hair grows back because I really do miss his soft, wild-as-can-be baby hair.


How My Husband is Like an Eight-Year-Old

He loves to decorate the yard for Halloween possibly more than he loves decorating for Christmas. He and the boys purchased this pretty little number last year, and it continues to be the favorite of all the boys in the neighborhood. It continues to creep me out.

Next stop = the graveyard of bones!

And what would Halloween be without a blow-up haunted house with spinning ghosts and bats inside?

Until next time...

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