Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

As much as I would like to take credit for some of the fabulous pictures in this blog, I proudly admit that my sister-in-law, Kelly, took many of them. She is an incredible photographer with a really good eye. Thanks, Kelly, for taking better pictures of my kids than I do. ha ha

"Let's get a sister."

Grant, bless his heart, loves to play with Rhett. The problem is that Rhett is, well, a baby, and doesn't exactly play the way Grant plays with his peers. Grant tries to play nicely, and he tries to play fairly (most of the time). I often hear comments like, "We can play with it together, Rhett." This statement, although sweet, is impossible because Rhett does not know how to share, and thus the sibling fights begin. Tonight is no exception. Rhett accidentally dropped a toy on Grant's head which really hurt Grant's feelings. He just does not comprehend that Rhett truly was innocent in the ordeal. Grant told Rhett he needed to say he was sorry, but after getting no response from Rhett (big surprise), Grant marched over to me and said, "I don't want a brother. Let's get a sister!" and placed himself in his room to play alone. Would he admit that he truly loves his little bro and enjoys playing with him (most of the time)???

I thought I would have girls...

I thought that someone as girly as I am would certainly have at least one daughter to share ribbons and lace with. True, there may be another child in our family at some point which could be a girl, but as of now, I am surrounded by testosterone and, well, boy things that I don't always understand. Truth is: I love it. Sure, I would love to dress a girl and create the most princess perfect room for her. She would wear HUGE bows and pink, pink, pink. Her toenails would always be painted, and she would be the most frilly thing you ever laid eyes on. But, the good Lord knew that I truly needed boys - for now. I especially love having two boys. I guess you could say I feel double blessed (not too creative, I know). I have heard over and over again that "girls never leave" and "boys do". I fear that when I am old and gray and lonely my boys will be too busy taking care of their own families to have much to do with me. I suppose I feel that a daughter would keep in touch often and "need" me like I find myself needing my mom; especially now that I have a family of my own. But, I truly see that the Lord has plans for me and my little family, and His plans always work out for the best. So, although I am outnumbered by males in my humble abode, I continue to let my extremely frilly ways shine through thus the reasoning behind this oh-so-girly blog layout that is mostly about boys. Oh well. I wouldn't trade my boys for all the gold in the world, and I admit that it is rather fun to watch your life unfold in directions you never thought possible. I never saw myself buying firetrucks and Matchbox cars, and I enjoy doing so more than I ever dreamed.