Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Sweet Grant

I realize Mother's Day is in the past (I also realize I have been blogging quite a lot recently. It's all still so new and fun to me...), but I want to share with the world what my sweet Grant gave me for Mother's Day. He drew a picture of me with big, crazy-like eyes and big red lips, (I was talking about the picture with Grant and he said, "No, Momma, that is lipstick.") and then dictated to his teacher what he wanted to say about me on the attached stationary. I don't know what I love more: the drawing (even though I look a bit disproportionate, and if you look closely, I seem to have a beard) or the precious, timeless words:

"My mommy has long black hair, and her eyes are black too. (I get the black hair thing, but the black eyes??....) Her favorite color is red. (right on, Dude!) She wears pretty dresses when she takes me to school. (How darn sweet is that??!!) She likes to eat out. (Oh so true.) She likes salad with salad dressing on it. (I have NO idea where this came from.) We go to the park sometimes and we play.
She will read me a story. She is a nice mommy."

I don't know what it is... they are just words...nothing special...but to me - they are worth more than gold. It is such a blessing to be able to get a glimpse into your child's inner thoughts and feelings b/c so often many words and thoughts go unsaid. I never would have known that he thinks I have black eyes, that I wear pretty dresses, and that he notices when I wear lipstick. I love that he thinks and feels all of those things. Grant is a precious, sweet, perfect gift the Lord has given me. I get teary every time I look at my gift hanging there on the fridge in all its innocence. I truly feel that I understand what Mother's Day is all about when I look at Grant's words and his sweet drawing, and a part of my heart is sad for those that are not mothers and are not able to experience this overwhelming feeling of love for another human being. I am thinking of getting his artwork and words framed so I can treasure them always... is that ridiculous??

Grant's Newest Addiction

Here you see a picture of Grant watching his newest craze at Gramma's house: Fireman Sam. Isn't it wonderful when your kid has a favorite movie/video that you can pop in whenever you need some time to either get something done, or you just need some time to yourself?????? Surely I am not the only parent out there that loves the wonderful gift of TV... The added bonus is that the show teaches really great fire safety tips. Hooray for Gramma for discovering the show!

I Had to Pinch Myself

I did something today that I would not have normally done with the boys. (btw: I love being able to say "the boys" as opposed to "the kids". It's more personal somehow...) I went to a really nice store with them in tow. Just how nice??? Harolds. (better known in Houston as Harold Powell) Why was I so very brave today of all days you ask? Well, three factors came into play: 1) both boys slept really late this morning which meant they were in extra good moods 2)Harolds was having a nice sale 3)I had gift cards to spend!!! So, as you can see, I HAD to go shopping. Have you ever gone shopping with boys?? The age does not matter; the famous saying is true: boys do not like to shop. It is somehow in their DNA. Even when I was pregnant with the boys they hated to shop. Even in the womb they knew they were not in their element which they proved by either filling my bladder so often that the shopping had to be cut short, or they made me feel hungry, tired or ill. Somehow today none of that come into play. The shopping gods were smiling down on me, and I am thankful.

The great news: not only did I get some incredible things, but the boys were PERFECT. I mean, how is it that they (especially Grant) are wild monkeys in the grocery store, but in Harolds they (especially Grant) act like angels? Grant played in my dressing room with some cars most of the time. He spent some time going around the store with me and giving me his opinion on things: "No, Mamma, I think that just looks too big." So sweet of him to say, especially since it was a size 4, or, "Yes, Mamma, I really like that," or, "Mamma! Look at these really cool red shoes I found for wu (you)!" Rhett spent most of the time in the stroller chowing down on Goldfish or in the dressing room playing cars with Grant on the bench that was supposed to be for my clothes but ended up being the "racetrack".

When we left, I actually had to pinch myself to make sure I was awake and it was not a heavenly dream! My fear of us being kicked out of Harolds did not occur! WOW! This type of good luck just doesn't come around to my side of the earth very often.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fun With Da-tee

Tonight was a rare night at the Kilgore household in that the boys actually got to see Da-tee before they went to bed!

Rhett banging on Da-tee's head like a drum.

Grant and Da-tee are playing Hide-and-Go-Seek.
I wonder where Da-tee is... perhaps he is hiding under the blue blanket...
(Pay no attention to the pile of unfolded laundry on the couch.
The Laundry Fairy had not yet come to my house
when the picture was taken.)
It took a while, but Grant finally found Kerry. Well, actually it is more like after Grant walked past Kerry multiple times (as you can see in the picture), Kerry resorted to jumping out from under the blanket so the game would not last all night. Nevertheless, Grant got a big kick out of it. Grant is not exactly "great" at the game, bless his sweet soul. I don't know if it's that he's not good at it, or if he's not patient enough to play it correctly. He has trouble when it's his turn to hide. The following is a common Hide-and-Go-Seek game conversation at our house: "Ready or not, here I come!! Hmmmmm - I wonder where Grant could be?" and then Grant comes out yelling, "Here I am!!"

Sneaky Stinkers

I caught Madalyn and Rhett sharing Golfish in a far corner of the house this morning. I think Madalyn got them - somehow - and Rhett decided to join her in her eating frenzy. It is interesting to note that Rhett had just finished a big, pink, sprinkled donut. (nope, it's not the healthiest breakfast in the world) That boy can inhale food faster than nobody's business. (and he is only 30% in weight)Maybe we should enter him into a food eating contest... he's sure to win first prize.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

As much as I would like to take credit for some of the fabulous pictures in this blog, I proudly admit that my sister-in-law, Kelly, took many of them. She is an incredible photographer with a really good eye. Thanks, Kelly, for taking better pictures of my kids than I do. ha ha

"Let's get a sister."

Grant, bless his heart, loves to play with Rhett. The problem is that Rhett is, well, a baby, and doesn't exactly play the way Grant plays with his peers. Grant tries to play nicely, and he tries to play fairly (most of the time). I often hear comments like, "We can play with it together, Rhett." This statement, although sweet, is impossible because Rhett does not know how to share, and thus the sibling fights begin. Tonight is no exception. Rhett accidentally dropped a toy on Grant's head which really hurt Grant's feelings. He just does not comprehend that Rhett truly was innocent in the ordeal. Grant told Rhett he needed to say he was sorry, but after getting no response from Rhett (big surprise), Grant marched over to me and said, "I don't want a brother. Let's get a sister!" and placed himself in his room to play alone. Would he admit that he truly loves his little bro and enjoys playing with him (most of the time)???

I thought I would have girls...

I thought that someone as girly as I am would certainly have at least one daughter to share ribbons and lace with. True, there may be another child in our family at some point which could be a girl, but as of now, I am surrounded by testosterone and, well, boy things that I don't always understand. Truth is: I love it. Sure, I would love to dress a girl and create the most princess perfect room for her. She would wear HUGE bows and pink, pink, pink. Her toenails would always be painted, and she would be the most frilly thing you ever laid eyes on. But, the good Lord knew that I truly needed boys - for now. I especially love having two boys. I guess you could say I feel double blessed (not too creative, I know). I have heard over and over again that "girls never leave" and "boys do". I fear that when I am old and gray and lonely my boys will be too busy taking care of their own families to have much to do with me. I suppose I feel that a daughter would keep in touch often and "need" me like I find myself needing my mom; especially now that I have a family of my own. But, I truly see that the Lord has plans for me and my little family, and His plans always work out for the best. So, although I am outnumbered by males in my humble abode, I continue to let my extremely frilly ways shine through thus the reasoning behind this oh-so-girly blog layout that is mostly about boys. Oh well. I wouldn't trade my boys for all the gold in the world, and I admit that it is rather fun to watch your life unfold in directions you never thought possible. I never saw myself buying firetrucks and Matchbox cars, and I enjoy doing so more than I ever dreamed.