Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Sweet Grant

I realize Mother's Day is in the past (I also realize I have been blogging quite a lot recently. It's all still so new and fun to me...), but I want to share with the world what my sweet Grant gave me for Mother's Day. He drew a picture of me with big, crazy-like eyes and big red lips, (I was talking about the picture with Grant and he said, "No, Momma, that is lipstick.") and then dictated to his teacher what he wanted to say about me on the attached stationary. I don't know what I love more: the drawing (even though I look a bit disproportionate, and if you look closely, I seem to have a beard) or the precious, timeless words:

"My mommy has long black hair, and her eyes are black too. (I get the black hair thing, but the black eyes??....) Her favorite color is red. (right on, Dude!) She wears pretty dresses when she takes me to school. (How darn sweet is that??!!) She likes to eat out. (Oh so true.) She likes salad with salad dressing on it. (I have NO idea where this came from.) We go to the park sometimes and we play.
She will read me a story. She is a nice mommy."

I don't know what it is... they are just words...nothing special...but to me - they are worth more than gold. It is such a blessing to be able to get a glimpse into your child's inner thoughts and feelings b/c so often many words and thoughts go unsaid. I never would have known that he thinks I have black eyes, that I wear pretty dresses, and that he notices when I wear lipstick. I love that he thinks and feels all of those things. Grant is a precious, sweet, perfect gift the Lord has given me. I get teary every time I look at my gift hanging there on the fridge in all its innocence. I truly feel that I understand what Mother's Day is all about when I look at Grant's words and his sweet drawing, and a part of my heart is sad for those that are not mothers and are not able to experience this overwhelming feeling of love for another human being. I am thinking of getting his artwork and words framed so I can treasure them always... is that ridiculous??