Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting Ready For Kindergarten

In order to help Grant stay excited about his first year in "real" school, I had him pick out his lunchbox. Of course it had to have his name on it in some form of fashion (I really need a girl), and it had to be really cute and different. I came across this great website called Just So Posh once you are at the website, type in a search for "lunch boxes", and I loved the lunch box choices they offered because most were tin. This is a big + for Grant since he somehow never screws his thermos lid on quite tight enough after he's completed his meal and the remaining Spaghettios slime leaks out on his "soft"/fabric lunchbox. This means that a Spaghettio smell continually resides in this lunchbox. Not pretty. So really I guess I should say this new tin lunchbox is going to be a big + for me because I'm hoping the Spaghettio slime can be rinsed off and no permanent smell will have to be tolerated.

Grant went through the oh-so-fun selections and chose this one:

Despite the fact that I was not aware of his love for robots?????, I couldn't have done a better job myself! (Except I was pretty sure he'd choose a car, sports or tractor theme.) The only disappointing thing is that they did not have the PERFECT computer/robot font you see in the picture. Thus, another fun font had to be selected. Oh, how I fret and sweat over such decisions. It's quite ridiculous. It has to be just right = not girly, but not boring, not too small, and not too big, different, but not cheesy... Gee, I hope I made the right choice. At least Grant won't care. He's just pumped about getting his new lunchbox in the mail for his new school. And I'm surprisingly excited about purchasing a robot lunchbox. It is not pink, and it does not have bows or flowers or kittens and rainbows on it, but I still find myself LOVING it.

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