Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grant is driving!!! (and other random happenings)

Well, not in the sense that brings fear to your heart as you read the title of this post. He IS driving the "car of his dreams", or what would be equal to a four-year-old's dream car. Thankfully he can't go faster than a slow run, so we're all safe.

I am a new HUGE fan of Craig's List. Forget ebay - Craig's List is INCREDIBLE! It was so easy to contact the sellers, and the actual buying was done in person as these people live near you - it was a great experience. Anywho - check out Grant's new "Craig's List jeep"! Grant has been
B-E-G-G-I-N-G for a jeep for months. One of my biggest downfalls (I guess I get it from my dad) is that I want my kids to have whatever they want - to a degree. And although Grant has wanted a jeep for upteen million years now, I just could NOT bring myself to buy a brand new one (they run between $300 - $400). What if he gets sick of it quickly? What if it didn't run well? What if charging up the battery was a HUGE hassle? With all of these valid concerns, I decided to hunt down a used one; it's been quite the challenge. Craig's List came to the rescue as I found this used one being sold by a (very sweet) local family for $50. Hello!!!!???? I just saved myself at least $250. Yip - I gave myself a pretty big pat on the back for that one.

Oh, and Grant LOVES it. He cherishes it about as much as I cherish my alone times on the couch with a chocolate something, a cold DrPepper, and an episode of the "Golden Girls" while snuggling up with a blanket.

Buckling up. Safety first!
Grant loves pretending the jeep is having battery problems so he can "fix" it.
Rhett enjoys s-l-o-w rides. If Grant goes too fast, Rhett wants out! He's no fool.

Grant likes to pretend the jeep is a firetruck; hence the "siren" sounds... I had to cut this video short because Rhett started running down the middle of the street in the opposite direction.

He loves to go in circles...

Rhett enjoying a s-l-o-w ride...

On another note...

This is Grant's recent contraption. WHY can't he "build" these things outside?

Here is a picture of Grant putting away all of the glasses he took out of the cabinet. I caught him loading them up in his fishing net, and then placing them on the counter. Not one of his best ideas, but it certainly was creative.

Look who found Mommy's green eyeshadow. Was he trying to eat it?

Rhett loves to help dust.

Grant and his buddy Stephen enjoying a ride at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Grant "driving" Pops' boat.

Grant and Rhett playing in the rain at Mimi and Pops' house.

Pops and Grant using their tools...

And ending on a sweet note: Pops and his grandsons. (Guess what??!! Grant's blankie as seen in this photo is LOST! Hooray! No more pictures of Grant smelling his blankie!)