Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I hope the Easter Bunny lifts weights

because it takes some strength to hold onto my kids during Easter Bunny pictures at the mall...

(Grant = 2yrs)
I honestly can't remember getting Easter Bunny pics taken last year. How is that possible? How could I have overlooked such an important picture? I THINK this is Rhett's 1st Easter Bunny picture. (Poor 2nd kid. Grant had LOTS of Easter Bunny pics taken... Perhaps I should hide them so Rhett's feelings won't get hurt when he's old enough to count just exactly how many times I've dropped the ball with him.) As you can see, he continues to keep the Kilgore name well known in the bunny crowd... At least Grant has made some improvements.

Can you tell Rhett is almost two? Ohhhhhh, the joys...

I honestly don't understand what the big deal is. I NEVER thought the Easter Bunny was scary. How could anyone think he is scary when he brings candy-filled eggs and other fun surprises in pretty baskets? Plus, he's got some really great songs out there about him. Who could fear a holiday animal that "hippity hops" because "Easter is on its way"? I always thought he was fun. He was not on the same plane as Santa, (Then again, who is?? Wait - I've got an answer to that - someone that would come and clean and do my laundry for me would be on a HIGHER plane than Santa.) but nevertheless, Easter always proved to be a fun time. And really, the BESTESTESTEST thing about Easter was the new dress I would get. I was one of those girly girls (still am), and I would have the frilly dress with the matching hat, purse, shoes and gloves - Any holiday that requires new clothing gets an "A" in my book. Can I get an Amen?

Back on topic: I guess boys just don't see it that way. Maybe we should give them credit though: Maybe they really had it right all along and we really should fear grown men that dress in bunny outfits.