Monday, December 8, 2008

Sweet Days

Hello out there? Beuller?? Beuller?.............. Beuller?........... It may be "the most wonderful time of year", but it is certainly a very busy time of year; especially for the blogging world. I must say, blogging has slowed tremendously by friends and family; myself included. Nonetheless, I am finding time to blog - not sure how, but I am finding time. Perhaps it is because there is a pile of clean laundry staring at me from the laundry basket at my left that is waiting to be folded and put away. Maybe tomorrow...

I'm totally pumped today for two reasons: 1) Today is Monday (aka: my free day). Monday is the day Grant goes to preschool at First Colony Church of Christ's Cornerstone which means it's the day I get 5 hours with Rhett. HEAVEN sums it up. It is amazing how much I can get done at home, or the grocery store for that matter, when Grant is M.I.A. I love the boy, but doing anything with a four-year-old in the vicinity is nearly impossible. I also love preschool days because I put Rhett down for an early nap and I get two hours to myself!!! Did you hear that? - to myself!! Hooray for me! 2) I am in love with our Christmas cards. I really like to make my own stuff as it is a fun outlet for me, and despite Kerry's protests (he'd rather send out the photo cards the rest of the world sends out), I have once again made my own. I gotta say, I think they're pretty spunky and DIFFERENT, and surely someone out there will feel as happy about them as I do. Of course, as you could have guessed, they have lots of red on them. Sure, it's a Christmas color, but it's also my favorite color and the card is adorned in it. You better believe there is a big bow on them as well (might just be the best part)!

Anywho, since no one seems to be reading my blog, this one's an update for the grandparents I suppose. Here's the latest on what we've been up to the last few days.

Time to get down the Christmas decorations from the attic.

What is Dada getting up there?

Dada won't let me go up in the attic with him, so I'll just drive my green tractor on the ladder until he comes down.

Look what Dada brought down! Lights! And lots of them!

Christmas tradition in the Kilgore household: take a break with a pizza dinner.

Hungry boys! Grant ate TWO slices of pizza, and Rhett REALLY loved his small cup of DrPepper. Aren't you proud, Uncle Kory and Terry?

I guess the boys were too full to help with dressing up the rest of the house for the season. While Kerry and I continued to put up the tree, Rhett sat on the couch nearby playing with his favorite gear toy.

Grant lost interest in decorating the tree as well. Either that, or the two peices of pizza caught up with him. I found him making another "Grant Mess" in his bathroom...

Look who all got their second wind! Too bad Kerry and I were pretty much done. Thanks a lot, boys!

Rhett is pretty sure he can climb up the ladder...

"I think I can. I think I can."

Santa's Little Helper??


Baby Booties: Rhett and Avery Pond going up the stairs at our church's class Christmas party Sunday night.

Hamming it up! Yes, I made the boys' shirts. Kerry was not a fan, but that's okay. He's a guy: I didn't expect him to feel too fondly about them.

Grant wanted to take flowers to Baby Grace. How sweet is that??? It was all his idea. Kerry and I had NOTHING to do with it. While we were at the store buying cookies to take to the Christmas party, Grant saw some flowers and said, "Momma, do you think Baby Grace would want some pink flowers?" I just thought it was the sweetest thing ever, and of course we added the flowers to the conveyor belt. They were only $4, and I don't mind supporting Grant's desire to be a gentleman. What a precious boy! And, what a lucky young lady!

Cold boys on a Monday morning.

I stumbled upon this scene the other day. Rhett loves his choo-choos. It happens to also be one of the few words he'll say.