Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hasta la Vista, Ike!

We decided to take advantage of the "calm before the storm" and spent most of Friday outside because we figured we would not be able to get out of the house for a few days after Ike. The pre-storm weather was perfect. The humidity was low, the sun's burning rays were hidden behind cloudy skies, and there was a really nice breeze; granted the breeze was from the scary incoming storm, but the breeze was rare so we took advantage of it. After a fun time at our favorite park, we fed the ducks and then enjoyed lunch at Sweet Mesquite. Although almost no one in Sugar Land evacuated, there weren't many people out - unless they had kids. I noticed those with kids were out and about staying as busy as possible for the exact same reason we were: reduce the amount of Ike-Cabin-Fever that was sure to come in the near future.
Friday before Ike:
Fun at the park: Rhett going UP the slide, as usual...

Daddy got to join us at the park since his work was cancelled Friday.
Lots of kids at the park. We did not know any of them, but Grant made friends with them quickly. Not sure if you can see them well, but all the boys had sticks because... well... playing with sticks is fun!

Peek-a-boo, Grant! Grant and his new friends.
Fun with Daddy at the park.

Honk! Honk! Jeep drivers comin' through! Grant and his new neighbor friend, Amber, enjoying time outside before the storm hits.

Saturday afternoon after Ike: pictures taken around our neighborhood.

"Go Away, Ike".

The park/tennis courts/sray park/pool/baseball field by our house.

Our fence.
Debris hanging from power lines near the mall.

Another park in our neighborhood.

My advise: If a category 3+ hurricane is headed your way, GET OUT OF TOWN. We experienced hurricane winds (100 mph) ALL night, and Ike was "just" a high category 2. (Actually I heard the winds have to be 111 mph for a hurricane to be labeled a "three". Ike's winds were 110 mph so he was labeled a "two" .) I would certainly imagine that anything over a "two" would be very dangerous; hence my advice to get out of town. I am sooooooo happy to report that the boys did very well during Ike. Rhett did not awaken once, and Grant only awoke occasionally; who wouldn't with winds like that?? We played musical beds in the hopes that we would all get the best sleep as possible. Therefore, Grant slept with me and Kerry slept in G's room. Rhett remained in his bed all night as we wanted to keep things as "normal" as possible. I hear that lots of people slept in their bathtubs, so I feel a bit guilty that we didn't. But, I suppose I should get over that because we are totally FINE. Trees did not smash through our windows as I had feared - HOORAY, and - the best news of all other than the fact that we are not hurt and not flooded = we have water AND electricity. Get this: The news is saying 96% of the areas affected by Ike (millions of people) are w/o power; except us. Our power lines are underground, so we have had power the majority of the time. If it weren't for that, we would probably be MISERABLE in this heat and therefore be headed towards Granbury. Having electricity is one more thing that makes me really feel for those near Galveston, or any other place/person that has been through a hurricane for that matter. I feel a bit tougher, braver and wiser having been through a hurricane as it is an experience one could never put into words - you just have to go through it in order to have DEEP empathy. From now on when I hear the word "hurricane", I will have a totally different picture in my head of just exactly what that word means, and I will have an even deeper respect for those that will have to endure it - no matter if they suffer a lot of damage or a little - hurricanes are an awesome force! How does anyone doubt there is a God once they've gone through one? The storm's size, power and pure rawness is a strong reminder of how powerful and almighty God's creation is. Thank goodness God is all knowing and made hurricanes m-o-v-e.

Schools and businesses are still closed. Grant MAY have school tomorrow (Monday), although most of our part of the world, including public schools and my private school, Logos, will be closed tomorrow. Kerry was supposed to catch a flight to Chicago tonight, but due to Ike and the fact that Ike's rain is headed towards Chicago, that flight no longer exists. I'm secretly hoping the business trip is cancelled all together. I am also secretly hoping Grant DOES have school tomorrow because the boy needs to get out of the house for a while, and Rhett and I need to get away from him for a while, thus his going to school tomorrow would be a win/win situation for us all. Love the boy- but he gets Cabin Fever easier than I do - and that's a BIG statement! He's been outside playing with the neighborhood kids all morning (and believe me when I say they were all as wild as holler monkeys - being cooped up for 24 hrs. can do that to kiddos; especially boys) and now he's outside helping Kerry clean up the yard. Maybe that means I can put him to bed a bit earlier tonight since he should be extra tired from all of this hard work, and Kerry and I can have another kid-free-movie-night-at-home as we enjoy all of this extra "us" time -and- electricity!

**UPDATE = Grant's school WAS cancelled for tomorrow. Bummer x 4.
**UPDATE = Kerry flies out for Chicago tomorrow. Bummer x 5.