Thursday, October 9, 2008

Grant strikes again!

It seems that it is fire prevention week (maybe month) as Grant was taught how to dial 911 this week in preschool. Now, if I had had my head on straight I, I would have gone ahead and laid the ground rules down about 911 by saying something to the effect of, "You can only dial 911 in an emergency. We are not going to call them for fun," because this is Grant we are talking about; you gotta stay waaaaaaay ahead of the game with the child. Let's review his track record, shall we? This is the same kid who stuck a pea up his nose last year for the heck of it - took two doctors (including an ER visit) to get it out. This is the same kid who pulled the fire alarm at church one Sunday morning when he was two just because it was within his reach and it was red. (am I right, Bryan and Shaye?) This is the same kid who pushed the "P" button on our house's alarm system when he was three because the button looked cool, so therefore the police came. Which means... this is the SAME kid who called 911 tonight!!!! Why am I not surprised? And if you know Grant at all, you are most likely not batting an eye at this story!

The lowdown: Grant came running into my bathroom around 7:30 tonight crying hysterically and saying, "I am soooooooooo sorry, Momma. I did not mean to call the emergency people! I am sooooooo sorry!" You guessed it: "emergency people" meant "911". I immediately raced to the phone hoping someone was still on the line. Nope. I hit "redial" to see if 911 would come up on the screen. Yep - it did. This meant he really did call 911. I called 911 back and told them it was a mistake and everything was okay, however they still had to send a policeman to our home to check things out. In the meantime, Grant was beside himself. He was sure he was going to be arrested or maybe get a ticket, so he hid in his closet (because I am sure you are all aware that if you hide in your closet you can not get arrested or be given a ticket...). At that moment, the policeman shows up. I open the door and quickly began to tell (you know how fast I can talk) him that we are so sorry for causing this problem; that Grant had learned how to dial 911 in school this week and for some reason he had decided to give it a try. I invited him in (thank goodness I had just picked up the house) and told him that Grant was going to need to apologize for what he had done. To my surprise, the policeman was soooooo VERY kind about the whole thing. I mean, I figured he would be annoyed at yet another obnoxious kid who dialed 911! But I am so thankful to say that he proved me quite wrong. As a matter of fact, he followed me to Grant's room (where Grant was hiding) - I think the officer came in and followed me to take a look around the place to make sure everything really was okay - and spoke so sweetly to Grant. Grant was in awe that he was getting to talk to a REAL policeman in his OWN room -his facial expression was one that said, "I am the luckiest kid on the planet to get to be talking to a policeman right now." Too cute. Anyways, Grant apologized a million times to the officer, and the two became best buds faster than I can eat a Hershey's Kiss. Grant told him how he was going to be a policeman for Halloween, and the officer took Grant out to his truck and let him sit in his truck, turn on the lights (I got a video of this, but I 'm having a hard time downloading it.), the siren, and he even gave Grant a little badge. (Grant is sleeping with it tonight. He thinks it's pretty neat.)

I very much appreciated the way the man handled it as he told Grant he was so glad he knew how to dial 911, but that he should only do so in an emergency. Of course, I had already told Grant that, but I think it was good for Grant to hear it from the officer as well. So what was Grant's response to this? He looked at me and said, "Okay, Momma. I will only call 911 if Rhett is drowning in the pool (we don't have a pool) or if you are dead." I am sure something about that is supposed to give me comfort...

Pictures of the event:
Grant following the officer out to his truck to get his "surprise".
The officer giving Grant the little badge.

Best buds!

On a side note:
We all wore our Halloween shirts today. They got great reviews.

My little toots. (I mean, my sweet pumpkins.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catch-Up Time

Wow!! It's been quite a while since I last posted. (Bet you're pretty shocked, Shaye and Courtney.) Truth is, I've been wanting to add a new post for a while now, but the time to do so never seems to present itself. I think that's primarily because I have been spending every spare moment HAPPILY making things that I am going to sell at our church's Holiday in the Grove at the end of October. I am making personalized sippy cups, adult sport bottles, kid sport bottles, travel coffee mugs (the kind that have a lid), and t-shirts with my embroidery machine. I am totally pumped about the cup/bottle/mug thing, but alas, I don't have many pictures to share of those yet. I know you'll be on pins and needles until I do. In the meantime, here are the most recent shirts I made:

Sure, the pumpkins' leaves makes them look more like apples rather than pumpkins, but that's okay. And yes, my pumpkin's mouth (my name) is a bit lower than I had planned, but oh well. I got better with Grant's and Rhett's as practice does make perfect. (they really are cuter in person) Something tells me Da-tee won't like these, but oh well about that too. hee hee

I decided to MAKE these shirts for three reasons: 1.) Making is waaaaaaaaay more fun than buying. 2.) The Halloween t-shirts I bought for the boys are long-sleeved. Dumb purchase, I know. It's still like 100 degrees down here. 3.) Making soothes my soul. It takes me away from the every day blah of laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning and chasing kids.

I totally love these shirts! I monogramed the chunky car shirt with Rhett's name to be the exhaust coming out the back of the car, and the chunky flower's stem is actually the little girl's name. I'm not sure I totally love the fabrics I used for the flower shirt, but the idea came to me on a whim, and I HAD to make it right THEN (when I get excited about a project, I drop everything and have at it) which meant there was no time to go to the fabric store, so I had to use some remnants that I turn to when I must do emergency sewing for the soul.

I tell ya, nothing makes me happier than being able to create and sew with my new embroidery machine!!! It's the highlight of my day!!! Well, other than the kids and Kerry, but you get my drift. I'm currently thinking of other designs including some spunky ones for Christmas. I can't wait to make those! Do you know what I would give to turn off my phone, turn off the stresses of every day, send my kids somewhere else and just make, create and sew in my own little I'm-Alone-and-Happy-to-be-Sewing world? First things come first though: I can not "work" when the house is dirty because when I sew, it is my time to relax and enjoy being me. But if the house is dirty, loads of laundry need to be folded and dirty dishes are staring me down, there's no way I can relax. So like I said, first I would have to clean. Then I would need to turn on "The Golden Girls" or an old black-and-white movie, open the blinds and enjoy the happy sunshine (a thunderstorm would be even better with a flickering sugar cookie candle next to me) while sewing and sipping a DrPepper or a decaf hazelnut Skinny Latte from Starbucks. I mean, sewing is my steroid, if you will. (I know - odd analogy, but I'm Amanda, and what you get is what you get.) It makes me feel alive, energized, happy and it makes my soul feel strong. And let's just take this quick opportunity to say that I've never actually taken steroids other than when they were prescribed by a doctor. I'm not like those Granbury football players I went to school with. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That was looooooooooooooooow!

Moving on: So, a few days after Ike hit the Galveston/Houston area, the boys and I made our way to Granbury to get away from the crazy lines as the gas stations and the lack of bread, milk, eggs, and so forth. During our visit, my dad drove us to my Uncle Mark's ranch house which is where Boone, Kate, Jackson and Everett are living until they can move back to Galveston. We really wanted to see them and give them our support, but we also wanted to meet Everett. What a cutie-pa-tootie he is!! Of course my camera died when I was getting a picture of the newest member of the fam because I have incredible luck, so instead, I will share other events of the day at the ranch.

1. Uncle Mark bought this jeep thingy for my Grandmom after she had both knees replaced because he thought she would have a hard time getting around the ranch. Boy, did he underestimate her! She gets around just fine, so now the jeep thingy is the favorite boy toy at the ranch. I'm not sure who loved it more: my dad or the kiddos...

2. Well, the TV is really fun to watch at the ranch, too. (cute cousins) 3. And, I suppose one could also have fun fishing in the stock tanks. (Sorry, Kate. This is the best "1st picture of Jackson fishing" that I could get.)
4. (or trying to swim in the stock tank - Rhett...I wonder how much cow poop is in there...GROSS! Let's just stay out of the stock tanks all together, boys!)
I told Grant to point to the fish he caught, but of course when I took this shot, he moved and instead it looks like he is doing some kind of ballet pose. Sorry cousin Carrie. ha ha
Rhett and Pops playing in the jeep:
How is it that M&Ms melt ON Rhett's mouth instead of IN it? So no, he has not grown facial hair.
Someone had a great time with their reflection in the shower knob during their bath... (this one's a great example of the "impressive lungs" Josh Howell says my kids have)
This week Kerry is in Brazil on a business trip. He was very excited about going, and I was very excited for him, but I miss him terribly. I have a bit of an ill feeling deep down in the pit of my heart due to the extreme distance there is between us right now. He comes back Sunday, but a week later he goes to Egypt for another week long business trip. I'm sure I'll be sad then as well, but I'll try to make the best of it. Maybe that's why I tend to sew when he's gone: it keeps my spirits up. I am TOTALLY used to his traveling. It really is just part of my world. Most people have no idea HOW I do it, but really after eight years you figure out how to manage for several days w/o a hubby while at the same time taking care of two young kids alone. He used to travel a lot, but now that he's moving up the corporate ladder, he truly doesn't leave town much, so I know I should just be thankful for that. And, I am. I still miss him, though. No doubt he's having a blast. To quote his email the other night, "I am not going to begin to describe the view of the ocean from my hotel room because I don't want to rub it in."Well, good for you, you big mouth!!! (I mean that in the most loving way. ha ha) I do hope he is having a good time on his little South American adventure. He is such a hard worker and deserves these types of perks. I'll post more about the boy's work schedule when Busy Season rolls around (January - May). I think it'll blow you away! My mood also seems to dip waaaaaaaaaaaay down during those long months as I am 100% a single mom, and the stresses of that can be overwhelming at times. This will be my first Busy Season with blogging. I think it will help keep me company. Gee - that's pathetic!! We'll save that fun for a later date though. Well, I am off to get ready for bed. I've been quite ill with asthma the past six days, and I need all the rest I can get before going back to school tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to the school day. I miss my PERFECT students and my 6th English class is studying Greek mythology - one of my FAVORITES!!!! I totally LOVE it! What? Did you just call me a dork?
On a side note, keep my ACU friend, Alyson, in your prayers. Her baby is due any day now, and if you've ever been in her shoes, you know all too well the anxiety, worry, happiness and the crazy emtions she is feeling right now. Hang in there, Aly!! All of us moms out here are pullin' for ya!