Monday, March 2, 2009

What is little, afraid of nothing, and soggy all over?

Answer: Rhett during our fishing excursion today at a park in our neighborhood.

The fishing started off like this: Everyone was standing on the banks of the pond which meant everyone was DRY!

But after we'd been fishing for about three minutes (nope, it did not last long, did it?), one person was no longer on the bank and dry - You guessed it: Rhett fell in ... which was of no surprise.
It was a beautiful day, so keep in mind there were MANY people at the partk. I'm sure they all thought I was quite the idiot! At least they got a good show!
(Sweet Grant helping to calm wet Rhett down.)

Grant didn't let Rhett's little swim spoil the day's plans though.

He went right back to fishing while Rhett and me snuggled. (Notice the wet/dry line on my jeans - I had to go in the water to fish Rhett out. Too bad I didn't bring a towel for myself!)

Rhett decided to have a good time despite his almost nakedness.
He's quite the little whipper snapper.
For example, he threw his green net in the water
(which you can see sticking out of the water behind him that I had to retrieve with the help of a long stick).

He brought me things...

And he climbed on the rocks.

The day's outcome:
The fish did not make an appearance, but the turtles did.

And I had some pretty good luck if I do say so myself. I didn't catch a fish,
but I did catch sweet Rhett which is better than a fish ANY day!
Look out, fish! We're coming back for you another day!!