Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Random Postings

Grant got all dressed up for Uncle Garrett's arrival (isn't Uncle Garrett lucky?). You guessed it - he dressed himself. Those of you who are familiar with equestrian gear will note that is not a leather vest he is wearing as much as it is actually a horse bit (I think)... You know - the mouthpiece that goes in a horse's mouth that you somehow attach the reins to???(I think) It's part of a decoration that hangs in his cowboy room, but why not turn it into cowboy clothing instead? It's hard to see, but at about waist level there are two iron rings. Those would normally go on the side of the horse's mouth (again... I think), but Grant figured out some of his cups fit really well in them, hence his built in "cup holders." What a genius.
I figure my dad might like this picture as the cowboy hat was my granddad's.

Daddy and Grant at Cousin Jackson's 3rd birthday party in Galveston.

Grant sure loved Cousin Jackson's workbench. This what he said in the most pathetic voice you can imagine when he saw the workbench: "(big sighhhhhhhhhhhh!) I sure wish I had something like that!" Poor kid has no toys of his own to play with. ha ha

Have you ever seen pizzas this big?? I placed the regular sized paper plate in the picture for perspective!! Boone, Kate and Jackson are going to be eating pizza for a year.

Birthday Boy Jackson giving Rhett a kiss. So sweet.
Grant turned his bathroom into a mechanic's shop to fix his car. He sure didn't learn this from Da-tee or my dad. Maybe he picked it up from Dude-Dad.

Look what Uncle Garrett gave Grant!! Grant has been wanting a big ship for L-O-N-G time. Too cool, Uncle Garrett. Thanks a bunch!

Not too much to report from the home front. Tropical Storm Edouardo (I think I'm spelling that correctly; they're spelling it weirdly) threatened to make the day eventful, but for the most part, he failed. Edouardo dumped lots of rain, but nothing exciting like high winds, thunder or lightning; no sound or furry. Sigh. However, the entire Houston area flipped out before his arrival because he was supposed to be a bear full of high winds, possible tornadoes and LOTS of rain. Daycares, churches, school districts, colleges, the zoo, kid camps, and most businesses closed down for the day, and for what??? Two inches of rain. That's it. If I sound a little annoyed, it's because I was hoping my husband would stay home like the rest of the world, but he went off to work like a busy bee as he probably should have since the storm was a doozie and certainly not worth cancelling your day over. Oh well.

Late afternoon the sun began to poke through the uneventful clouds, and the boys and I ventured out for a short walk whichI would describe as eerie (sp?). No one was out. Everyone was home since no one worked today, but no one was out. It was 5:30, but no cars were coming home from work (since no one went to work, except Kerry), and you could not hear any kids yelling while they played their driveway basketball games, there weren't any dogs barking, no one rode by on skateboards or bikes, there were no lawn men outside weed eating and edging - the trees weren't even swaying in the breeze... It was like a ghost town without the flying dust and rolling tumbleweeds. I had begun to wonder if the world had come to an end and the boys and I were the only ones that were left behind. You could hear a pin drop. Despite the weirdness of it all, it was nice to get out in the peacefulness of the moment because it's never that quiet around here in this big city that's full of hustle and bustle.

Hopefully I'll have something more exciting for you in the next post.