Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Little Cub Scout (excuse me ~I mean BOY Scout)

I can't believe Grant is old enough to join Cub Scouts (although he prefers you just go ahead and give him the rank of BOY Scout, thank you very much). He and Kerry had their first meeting this Monday at our church. Grant was so excited to be joining such a fun-looking organization (especially since Ethan and his Steppy D were in the same group - should I be calling it a pack or a den???), and Kerry was excited to get to spend this special time with Grant since they so rarely get to see one another.

Do I see a future Boy Scout model in the making? (yip, he posed himself - again)

No, I did not buy the uniform shorts... I just couldn't. Am I horrible to think they looked too dorky? I mean, the bright scarf was hard enough for me to buy as it was. 'Scarf' doesn't scream 'manly' in my book. That goes for you too, cowboys. Bandannas should probably be left to wear on the heads of gang members only. I didn't buy the hat either, but that was because the den leader requested that we not. Apparently five and six-year-olds can get distracted by them. SHOCKING!

And who do you think also wanted to join in on the picture taking???
Correct you are!

(Rhett posed himself too. No complaints though... At least he's 'smiling' this time, right Andrea?)

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