Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crazy Monkeys and Hungry Pigs

We have had such a fun summer thus far. I'm really thankful for that because I was very worried that the summer would be dull and drag on forever as time seems to do when you are home all day - every day - with kids. But for the most part, this summer has had one fun day after another. Today we went on a playdate to Chick-fil-A with one of Grant's favorite church friend, Hanna. (He kept calling her Gabby. I hope that didn't hurt Hanna's feelings.) Grant and Hanna played like crazy monkeys, and both my boys ate like hungry pigs. In all, they ate 18 nuggets. Count them: 18! And they aren't even in high school yet!

Grant and Hanna
No, I do not know WHY he HAD to hold the "bow tie" of napkins up in the picture.
That's Grant for ya...

And this picture is mainly for Uncle Garrett:

I told ya Rhett loves his BaBa BeeBee! He came to Chick-fil-A with us!

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