Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rhett's New Tricks & Grant Gets "Pushy"

New word: Rhett saying, "Dude-Dad." ("Dude-Dad" is what the boys call Kerry's dad.)

Introducing Rhett's newest trick: a (cute) fake sneeze. Bless you!

Rhett saying, "Dude-Dad" and Push #1... (Good luck trying to ignore CRAZY Grant in this video. He gets WAAAAY out of control from here on out. Get the Advil ready. Consider yourself warned.)

Push #2...

Push #3...

Push #4...

No, Grant is not allowed to knock Baby Brother down all day.

Yes, I am a bad parent for taking videos of it. (but it IS funny)

Yes, Grant got in trouble.

Yes, someday Rhett will be bigger than Grant, and Grant will get what's coming to him. At this point, Grant does not seem scared.

No, Grant has not been diagnosed with ADHD although I can see why you might assume he has been... ha ha