Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here she is... Miss America!

I finally found a handyman to hang the 6 light chandelier in my room I got for my birthday two months ago. The L.O.N.G. wait was worth it though - it looks even better in my room than I dreamed. It's like the perfect handbag or necklace that make that little black dress that you love stand apart from all the other black dresses in the room, ya know? It's more than eye candy... it's soul candy.

The surrounding black shade is made of silk strands which is why you can see through it. And the crystals... OH, they are just beautiful. I found this ceiling bling on for a MEGA price break (I'm talking at least an $800 price break), and that makes me love it even more. So, I invite you to join in with me and behold its graceful spirit.

lights on

she's still just as breathtaking when the lights are off

A family update - Grant is still sick and still running a fever of 102.4. This is day six now. I woke up this morning feeling pretty miserable. I feel like my lungs are going to catch fire every time I cough (OUCH) which is often since my asthma is really acting up. I don't understand this b/c I really jumped on my meds when I felt the asthma creeping up on me, but they just can't keep up. My head hurts. My muscles hurt. My fingers actually hurt as I am typing. My skin hurts. My joints hurt. My head hurts, and my nose is stopped up. I am going to the doc tomorrow (love your dad, Heidi) and I'm hoping I will get a MEGA steroid shot to get control over my asthma and a nice, fat antibiotic (because if antibiotics were fat, I would want a really fat one) that will cure what is hopefully a monster infection and NOT the virus Grant has b/c frankly, I can NOT be sick as long as he has been. I'll rip my hair out and my house will be taken over by little boys since it's Kerry's busy season and he doesn't get home until at least 11 every night. I've already called in subs for my sweet students tomorrow... not that I could go to school anyway since G is still sick. But (Did you see that, Jordan? I started a sentence with "but") at least I can lie in my bed and stare up at my beautiful new light (while watching "The Golden Girls", of course).

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