Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

Eating dinner on the way to Treat in a Trunk at church. (those are supposed to be sideburns...)

This has got to be the cutest (and skinniest) Elvis EVER!

Does Grant's costume look familiar to you? It should. It was the same one he wore last year. He loved it and wanted to wear it again this year. I had NO complaints! He thought he was pretty cool. Rhett just liked the suckers.

I spy an Elvis. (and a Gabby Cat behind him)
Grant and his gals. (from left to right - Grace, Reese, Devin)
Funny side note - Grace wanted to be a firefighter for Halloween. Her costume had muscles built into it. ha ha

We found some friends!
Grace, Devin, Avery, Pearson, Grant and Rhett, and in the very bottom right corner is Brady's giraffe costume.
Grace and Grant helped to pass out candy, and they were really excited about it. They were so excited, Ms. Lisa had to remind them to give one piece of candy to each trick-or-treater instead of the handfulls they had been giving. (Did you notice Grace's six pack?)

Gramma had her usual Halloween treats for the boys. Doesn't she make a sweet scarecrow?

It's only been two days since Halloween, and between the candy the boys have eaten and the candy I've taken (I mean "borrowed") from them, there's almost nothing left. No worries though, Pops. We are brushing our teeth.

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