Saturday, January 31, 2009

Perhaps It Was a Tornado

I went on a quick grocery run late tonight. No, I don't usually shop late in the evening, but the kids were in bed (so I thought), and I had the energy, and I LOVED the idea of going to the grocery store without my two wild monkeys in tow, so I bit the bullet and went. (I'm a little sad that that's how I spent my Saturday night. Is this what happens when you turn 30? We did have big plans, but they fell through. Boo hoo.)

For the record: This is what Grant's room looked like before I got home: (actually, his furniture has been rearranged since these pics were taken, but you get the idea)

This is what I found after I got home:

I have no clue as to what went on in his room. I do know, however, that Grant had a GREAT time.

And, where was my child rearing partner in all of this? Asleep in his recliner... I must run to his defense though. He got back from a business trip to Egypt two days ago, so he's pretty much plumb tuckered out the poor thing.

You want to know the saddest part of all? I cleaned the house today. (insert pout here)Everything was spic and span and in its place. Surfaces were dusted or wiped, linens were washed, the floors were sparkling (except for our nasty carpet that is almost OUT OF HERE - I vacuumed it though), the bathrooms were scrubbed down, and to top it off, a vanilla candle had been lit so the house smelled yummy. I was enjoying the fruits of my labor. Sigh.

At least I got to go to the grocery store alone, right? And, I did come home to a good laugh.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy Days with Rhett

Our dog, Madalyn, thinks Rhett is the best thing ever because he feeds her HIS food nonstop. I bet if I calculated it, I'd be surprised as to just how much money I waste on food for "Madalyn". Watch closely as he slips her a piece of cake.

I was talking to my sister on the phone the other day. I knew it was too quiet. Here's what I found when I bravely opened Grant's door once I hung up... Grant had gotten the little bale of hay that's used as a decoration in his cowboy room down from its shelf and the two of them had a "hay day" with it.

Rhett has NEVER played in the fireplace until last week... Yip - that's a Dirt Devil in his hand. Since he had it out, he had to help pick up the mess.

He's SURE he can do all things with his baby muscles.

I Caught him hiding in the corner eating a frozen corndog. He was not interested in cooking it either. He chowed down on that cold thing, and all the while Madalyn hoped he would drop it.

But oh, how sweet he truly is.

This is something new: Yesterday he took me by the hand, led me to his room and told me he and Grant's bear wanted "Up". Once he was "Up", he proceeded to change Bear's diaper. The funniest part, although I did not catch in on film, is when he was wiping Bear's back-end and said, "Eeeeewwwwww!" I guess I say that a lot when I change the poor kid's diaper.

Rhett loves to run around the island in the kitchen in the hopes that Madalyn will chase after him. He's done it a million times, and not once has Madalyn joined in the game. Maybe the one millionth and one time she'll follow.

At the end of the day, how can you not love this precious always-getting-into-trouble baby?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just call me "Simon" minus a Brittish Accent

Oh, holy cow, WOW!!! Beyonce did an AMAZING job with the song "At Last" at the Neighborhood Ball. Actually, "AMAZING" doesn't do it justice. That is one challenging song, and she not only pulled it off, but she nailed it!! Really- the next time you take a shower, you try to get that song out soundin' half way as good as she did. Sadly you'll find that even in the shower, where all singing sounds grand, you'll be disappointed in your version. That is NOT an easy song to nail, either! I have not been a huge Beyonce fan in the past as her lyrics are a bit too simple to me at times. I love her newer song, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)". That one rocks!! But, what is up with her older song "Irreplaceable"? Do those lyrics actually say: I can have another you in a minute. Matter fact, he'll be here in a minute? Reminds me of Lenny Kravitz's lyrics. I mean, it almost amazes me that lyrics as dumb and predictable as his are part of what makes him a star. Take the song "Fly Away": I wish that I could FLY, so very HIGH, into the SKY, just like a dragonFLY (didn't he already use the word "fly" a couple words back??)... Or, what about "American Woman"? (By the way, didn't someone else sing this song first??) American Woman, stay away from me. American woman, Momma let me be. Don't come hangin' 'round my door. I don't wanna see your face no more. Got more important things to do then spend my time... (somethin'... somethin'...) with you. There's just nothing poetic about it. Now, I enjoy watching Lenny Kravitz because he looks... well... totally cool, and he does a good performance, but I actually find myself laughing at MOST of his lyrics. I'm sure I have completely upset a Kravitz fan out there, but oh well - you'll get over it.

Anyway, back to Beyonce... I tend to stay away from anything "Beyonce" due to an interview of hers that I was unfortunate enough to have watched a couple of years ago. She honestly sounded like she had an education of a second grader - poor grammar, lots of made up words, and to tie it all together, she has this accent that makes her sound like a total hick that should be out driven' a John Deer tractor and perhaps singing a girl's version of "He Thinks My Tractor's Sexy". But, nonetheless, she is beautiful, and I have seen her grow as an artist over the past few years. It looks like our little girl is growing up. Granted, she may have been this good for a while and I ingnorantly did not know it, but I digress. So, if you click on the link below, you will have the ABSOLUTE privilege of losing yourself in her performance for the Obamas. Sure, she IS singing my most favorite song IN THE WORLD, but I think I would enjoy this performance even if I hated this song. She truly shone with elegance and excellent control (especially on those slides)! Thank you, Beyonce, for your perfect rendition of "At Last." You sang it with soul, and it showed! I'm a hard one to please, and girl, I give you two thumbs up, a Snickers bar AND a high five!! I wasn't sure the same girl that sang "I'm a Survivor" could sing the ever delicate song "At Last." Looks like I was very wrong; very, very wrong.

(If you are not an Obama fan, you'll have to pretend they are not in the You Tube recording... But there is a bright side: At least you can look at Michelle's pretty dress again!)

So, if you enjoy good music... click on the link below which will take you to a list of songs. Click on the very first picture, and you're good to go. (Sorry - I tried to add a link that took you straight to the video, but You Tube won't let me. I'm sure there's a trick I haven't figured out yet.)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Aren't they lovely?

I'll be the first to openly tell you I'm NOT a democrat by any means, but I am still a female. So with that said, who else thought that Michelle Obama looked absolutely beautiful in her Inaugural Ball dress? She could not have looked more radiant! I think her choice was perfect!!! I'm really enjoying her fashion sense. Is she the next Jackie O??

And to add to the list of amazing women of the year, how cute is Sarah Palin? Do I hear an Amen? She's as cute as a button - that's how cute she is! She sure can hold her own - gotta love that! Any woman that can survive living in Alaska and hunt with the rest of them is cool enough for me. And how spunky is her hair?? I want hair like that.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Grant is FIVE!

We have not fallen off the earth - we've just been ultra busy. The last few weeks have consisted of:

1. Getting a new fence (to replace the one Hurricane Ike destroyed).
2. Preparing to have wood floors installed everywhere but the bedrooms and wet areas (bathrooms/kitchen/laundry room). I have found the wood I want as well as the man to install it. I feel like half the battle is won already.
3. Attending inservices before school started back up from Christmas break.
4. Two friends had babies (Mackenzie Dick: baby girl of Andrea and Chad Dick of Sugar Land, and Drew Pernell: baby boy of Marijon and Rance Pernell of Doughtery (near Lubbock). VERY exciting times!!!
5. Learning not only how to live with Grant's new pets: two gerbils, Roly and Poly (sp??), but also focusing on keeping them alive since Rhett loves to torture them. More on that later.
6. Experiencing Grant's first splinter - it was a BIG 'UN!!!
7. Having a party at our house for our church group.

And last but NOT least....

8. Grant turning FIVE!
This birthDAY somehow turned into a birthWEEK. It started off with a birthday cake and a small family celebration on his actual birthday (Jan. 12).

Rhett desperately wanted a bite of cake...

Then we HAD to do the cupcake thing at his preschool, and of course a few days later he had his actual party with his friend which involved yet another... you got it... cake. I can't believe I, Amanda Brooke Kilgore, am saying this, but I am "caked out". Please, no more desserts for a while.

Grant wanted the theme to be "firetrucks", big surprise, I know, so we did firetrucks, firetrucks and more firetrucks. I made a monogramed placemat for each guest that had a pic of a firetruck and the words "Chief ______." Of course the boys' trucks were red, but the girls' were HOT PINK. And, the girls' firetruck's wheels were pink Swaravski crystals. How fun is that??? Exactly. Of course each child got a helmet. In order to try to make it up to the girls for it actually being a fireman's hat, I hot glued daisies on theirs. And, to top things off, each guest got a fireman badge, and as expected, the girls' badges were a tad bit special as I hot glued a pink bow on them.

Boys' Table
(There are some guests missing from this picture including Ethan. Where were you when I took this picture, Little Dude?)

Girls' Table

The beloved firetruck cake from Maureen's Bakery BEFORE Rhett found it...

The beloved firetruck cake AFTER Rhett found it...
No shocker that Grant was shy during the "Happy Birthday" song. At least he didn't cry this year... again... Maybe by the time he is 53 he'll be able to handle the "Birthday Song" like a normal person.
Grant loved this cake, folks. I mean, surely this cake was the coolest thing ever to Grant, so he was very upset when discovered the damage Rhett had done to it. You see, Kerry noticed Rhett was M.I.A. during part of the party, so he went hunting for him. He found Rhett in the "party room" (where the food was). Rhett had climbed up on a chair and was helping himself to handfulls of icing from the cake. That's typical Rhett for ya: he can find food sitting out on a table faster than our dog, and that is pretty amazing since our dog surely breaks the world record to sniffing out a yummy meal a HUMAN plans on enjoying. Thank goodness I got a picture of the cake before Rhett got a hold of it.

I made Grant a firetruck birthday shirt that coordinated with the placemats.

Grant enjoyed opening his gifts and a fun filled evening with his special friends.

Thanks for sharing my special day with me
Jordan and Ethan,



and Baby Grace
(who was so sweet to wear her newest "Amanda Kilgore" creation to the party).
We missed you Seth, Evan, Alex and Emily!!! Maybe next year...

And now I leave you with a Grant quote from bed time tonight:
"I love you so much, Momma, I could pop a tire."
Gotta love little boys!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Steady.......... Steady.............

Told ya Rhett likes to stack blocks.
He did this tower ALL BY HIMSELF. Two things amaze me about this picture:
1. That a one-year-old stacked them. (he can do 13 blocks)
2. That this tower is actually STANDING since some of the blocks barely seem to be defeating gravity.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cold Baby Tooshie (sp?)

Rhett keeping warm after bath time on a chilly night.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We had a "Holly Jolly Christmas"

It was Granbury's turn to get us for Christmas this year. Before we could head there for Santa, we had Christmas with Gramma and Dude-Dad in Sugar Land first.

Rough-housing with Dude-Dad before opening presents.

Grant and Gramma looking at Grant's new book.

Rhett loves his blocks. Get this: he can stack THIRTEEN at a time. Pretty good for a one-year-old!!! Yep - he's talented AND gifted.

Grandmother with her new monogrammed slippers.
Dude-Dad likes to play "firefighter" too. Sorry, Dude-Dad. That helmet is not the right size for your head.
Rhett enjoyed Grant's gift as well, but the helmet does not fit Rhett's head either.

Grant really enjoys his Smart Cycle. Sorry he's pantless (almost bedtime).
Rhett HAS to do whatever Bubba is doing.
Rhett REALLY likes the Smart Cycle's music... This kind of talent will get him ladies for shizzle. (either that or arrested) ha ha

Our visit to Granbury:

Uncle Garrett and Rhett.

Grant and Aunt Jessica making chocolate fondue to enjoy on Christmas Eve. YUMMMMMMM!

Leaving goodies for Santa before bedtime on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning: Santa drank the milk!!!!!

This is what Santa brought Rhett. As you can see, Grant liked it and was sure Rhett wouldn't mind sharing it.

Aunt Jessica helping Grant with his microscope from Santa. (I can't believe any kid of mine would want a microscope for Christmas!!! I sure never wanted anything like that for Christmas. Well, this is Grant we're talking about - so I guess it figures.)

PS. Grant also got a firehouse from Santa as well. I guess I say this to prove that "Santa" is not completely lame.

Never fear! Rhett is here!

Help me to get these walkie-talkies to work, Datee!

Six days after Christmas: the boys are still opening gifts! Thanks for your help, Aunt Jess! (that fire station you see behind Grant is his other Santa gift)

There was no snow this Christmas. It was so warm, we went out to climb trees.
(I am not going to complain about the warm weather we are having this season. I really don't like the cold, and I can't stand the hot, so to me, this in-between-weather is PERFECT. I do miss being able to turn the fireplace on and snuggle up in our flannel sheets though. Sigh.)
Look who else loves Memaw's fudge??!!!!!! It's my FAVORITE holiday dessert. Rhett and I definantly fought over the pieces she sent.

How many people does it take to hang Mimi's new clock?
Wow, Dad! You're a GREAT help! What wold Pepaw and Uncle James have done without you? :)

Rhett is going through a growl-at-everyone stage which we are REALLY working on right now. However, every day Rhett chooses some lucky person to randomly be happy with (this means that person does NOT get growled at). This day was Uncle Charles' turn. Rhett thought he was really neat. And really, Uncle Charles IS pretty neat!

Wait a minute! What is that I see? Rhett eating ANOTHER peice of MY fudge??!!! Memaw, your fudge is soooooo yummy! Christmas is not the same without it.

Grant and Rhett's new train table. Grant got a wooden train table (with the works) about two Christmases ago. It was truly a hassle because he was always taking it apart and wanting me to fix it. So, I glued the track down. It was a great idea, but it failed. He ripped the tracks up despite my great plan. So, this year the boys got this train table instead. It can not be taken apart, it has FABULOUS tunnels, bridges and canyons, and all of our Thomas trains and Matchbox cars fit it perfectly. The boys LOVE it.

Just a cute video of Rhett dressing himself that I HAD to share with you.

Notice how he very particularly organizes the clothing and shoes. He gets that from his Daddy. You should see the time and careful planning it takes for Kerry to make a fajita! It's almost unbelievable. I mean, really - just slap the meat, cheese and beans on there and it really is FINE!

Happy New Year to you all! 2009 is sure to be SWELL.