Monday, December 21, 2009

Kindergarteners just want to have fun!

Due to district rules that do not allow older/younger siblings to attend the parties, a sweet neighbor watched Rhett so I could help out with Grant's school Winter Party. I was sooooo excited, and so was Grant...

Disclaimer - once again I could hardly get Grant to smile for the pics. Shocking, I know.
...Which is why I was surprised to be greeted with this face...
It didn't hurt my feelings at all...
But he finally began to loosen up and got over his shyness of Mom being there, and that made me feel much better - (even though my feelings weren't hurt in the first place.)

After all, who couldn't have fun with their two bestest friends in the whole widest world?
Nick, Owen and Grant
These three boys do everything together at school!

Including the Silly Freeze Dance

and showing off their green candy cane tongues.

The room mother (Nick's mom) asked me to be in charge of games, so I let Grant help me pass out candy canes after one of the games.

After all that fun, there were only two things left to do.

1. Hug our friends and teacher goodbye.

Do these kids love Mrs. Williams or what???? Actually, now that I write this, I see one little boy loving her in an extra"special" way. Too bad he didn't put his hand lower. It would be ME that would unknowingly snap the shot at that exact moment.

2. Snatch Ashlyn from her classroom and head home for the holidays!
Hoo Hoo Hoo (Rhett's pronunciation for Ho Ho Ho) and Merry Christmas to all!

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