Friday, July 25, 2008

The Legacy of Randy Pausch

The Pausch Family: Halloween 2007
"The Last Lecture"
Randy Pausch
Randy Pausch, professor famous for his "Last Lecture", died of pancreatic cancer early this morning at the age of 47. (My grandfather also died of panctreatic cancer many years ago - it took him quickly! Panctreatic cancer is a BEAR!) Personally, I knew this news about Randy was coming. He had not updated his blog in a while, and the last entry gave updates on his condition (tumor markers, etc) which were rising dramatically. In that post he also said that the doctors had decided his body was no longer strong enough to endure chemo, so they had stopped the treatments. I hate that his life had to end so soon; especially since he had three young children and a wife whom he loved deeply. I appreciate the energy Randy exerted to make the world a better place. What a perfect role model he was to adults and children alike. I do wish he would have mentioned God in his speeches and interviews as I have read he is a very spiritual man, and I think the world needs to hear more about God - especially from someone like Randy Pausch who gained instant fame. All of that aside, I thank him for his bravery and wisdom America grew to know and love. Randy certainly left his positive, Christian mark on the world. What a wonderful statement to be able to make about someone after their passing! I know his children will grow under his steadfast love and example even though he is no longer physically with them. I believe they will enjoy reading his book, watching the recordings of his "Last Lecture" as well as the recordings of his many inteviews that will serve as their memory book of their father. They will be proud of him and his grace. Wow - so many kids can't say that, huh? I take great pride in saying I can say that about my father. My sons can say that about their father, but I know we are in the minority.

We should keep Jai and the three kids in our prayers as this must be very hard for them despite their months of preparation.
On a superstitious note, aren't these things supposed to happen in threes? Makes me a little anxious.
1. Estelle Getty
2. Randy Pausch
3. ???