Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Grant is SIX!

Yesterday we celebrated Grant's sixth birthday with Gramma and our neighbor, Ashlyn. Between Daddy being in Brazil, Dude-Dad having to attend a basketball game, and the fact that Grant's birthday fell on a weekday, we decided to have a little party yesterday and a bigger party later. Grant chose to go to Ruthies (does he have Martin in his veins, or what?) tonight, his favorite place to get "Mexico rice and beans". Then we came back home for cupcakes and presents. Sweet Gramma stayed and cleaned up a and helped me get the boys in bed before she headed back home.

At Ruthies

Placing the candles in the football cake.
Make a wish (for a sister...)
Gotta love that icing.

And the presents weren't so bad, either.

Happy birthday, sweet Grant. We love you!

And happy first birthday to Drew! I think it's so neat that you and Grant have the same birthday!

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