Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little Boys Only

I have to share what I stumbled upon last night when I was going to put the boys in bed. Now, stumbling upon anything when dealing boys (especially Grant) can be like walking into a dark room full of creepy crawly things that you can't get away from. But, this time, this stumble landed me in laughter instead of sending me screaming the other direction in frustration whilst shaking my fists in the air.

The boys had been playing in Grant's room for quite a while just as happy as could be. There was no screaming, no crying, no yelling, and I'm pretty sure nothing was being thrown (b/c I would have heard it hit the walls/door). I was so proud of them, and I just hated to break up the party, but that's a mom's job, right?

I turned the corner to go into Grant's room and..... Hmmmmmm. What is this?????

Take a closer look...
Yip. It's a sign telling Kerry and me to stay out. I guess it was just a playtime for little boys only.

That's my Grant. And this is just another example of the millions of reasons to love him.

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