Monday, June 30, 2008

Favorite Grant Photos

Very artsy picture of Grant. Love it! Photo by Aunt Kelly.

Beautiful boy. Disclaimer: I know it appears that the boy's hair is NEVER done. Not true. I wet, style and put heavy wax in his hair every morning... this is what it looks like five minutes after that...Photo by Aunt Kelly.

Picture taken over a year ago at the Houston Zoo. I thought I did a pretty good job taking this one!!!

Not exactly a "favorite" photo of Grant, but it is the photo that serves as the visual scrapbook of the day Grant stuck a cooked green pea up his nose and we spent the day in the ER...

Okay, so one day last summer Grant said he was going to go play outside. This is what I found when I went out to check on him: He had moved our lawn mower over to our neighbor's front walkway and was pretending to mow. (no - he did not start the motor) Now are you seeing how busy the child keeps me!!!???? Are you feeling sorry for me yet?

Grant, an old soul: drinking milk and rocking on the front porch one morning. This was all totally HIS idea. Reminds me of an old man drinking coffee watching the day begin from his front porch...

I like how this picture shows his free spirit. Photo by Gramma.

I love this picture because it's the expression of "wonder" that Grant often has. He loves his world, and he loves experiencing it. Photo by Aunt Kelly.

Yet again - another picture of Grant being Grant. Photo by Aunt Kelly.

Someone's in trouble... again...Photo by Aunt Kelly.

Favorite Rhett Pictures

Sweet reflection. Photo by Gramma. I treasure this picture because it's the exact expression I'd been trying to capture on film for a while. This is Rhett's "silly face" , and it just melts my heart.
Beautiful baby (and cute mohawk).

I love this picture because it shows Rhett's beautiful eyes. Photo by Gramma. This very newborn picture of Rhett brings back sweet memories of the day he was born. Photo by Aunt Kelly.
May be one of my favorites of all time!!! My sweet Mohawk Baby. Unfortunately, the mohawk has grown out, but I will always look at this picture and remember the precious first moments we held our new baby and admired what God had given us (and God's sense of humor... baby mohawks - so cute!!) Photo by Aunt Kelly.
Small - sorry. Rhett and Daddy having a "welcome to the world" talk. Photo by Aunt Kelly.