Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Precious Words

This will be a short one, believe it or not, so there is no need to get comfy. I just want to quickly share the sweetest thing that Grant has started to say with the whole world because I think it's priceless and it totally melts my heart. Grab a tissue because it's precious.......... "Momma, I will love you forever and ever!" and then he gives me a kiss. I don't ask him to say it, and I don't even ask for the kiss that definitely serves as the icing on the already yummy cake. Now how perfect is that?Every time he says it (usually at bed time) I find myself not only storing those innocent words in my "Extra Special Mommy Memory Bank" where only the PERFECT moments are kept, but I also find myself trying to save the way his little voice sounds when he says it so I can pull it up on the day he goes off to college or the day he gets married and remember "our" special times and how he'll always be my "prince". (Disclaimer: it still totally surprises me that he is so lovey at this point because he was sooooooo NOT a touchy-feely baby. He did not want to snuggle. He did not want to rock. (Too bad we bought a really nice leather rocker before he was born for that specific reason. Oh well - at least Rhett likes it.) I feared he would never want to be close to me the way I imagined he would when I was pregnant with him. Thank goodness he's changed his mind!)

PS #1= The boys and I spent a lot of last week in Granbury to get away from the whole Ike mess. While we were there, we took a day trip to my Uncle Mark's ranch house outside of Brownwood (where Boone, Kate and the boys are currently living until they can go back to Galveston) to meet our newest cousin, Everett. The boys (Grant, Rhett and Jackson) had the BEST time together on the ranch, and Everett, well, he just slept, but he was still really cute and a perfect snuggle-bug. Pics will come whenever I get a new battery for my camera... You know how long that took me last time.

PS#2= Due to Ike, Kerry's business trip to Brazil that was supposed to occur this week was cancelled. He was a bit disappointed, but I was selfishly THRILLED. Ya know - I'm liking Ike more and more. (except for the HORRID traffic problems he caused! It took me an HOUR to get to school today; it usually takes me less than 20 minutes!!)

Guess this wasn't as short as I planned. Big shocker!