Saturday, September 27, 2008

Check out these cakes!

My chilhood friend, Heather, is an AMAZING cake decorator. She truly inspires me to try new things, but let's face it: she's really good, and my cakes would look... well... not as good (I know from experience as I have dipped my creative juices in the whole cake/icing/fondant world. No doubt my pigs or chicks would look more like pink and yellow rocks.), so I'm not sure if I'll give it another whirl. I really just wish she lived closer because I would get all of my cakes from her, but she lives in the Granbury area. BUMMER!!!! Well, if you're ever in the Granbury area and need a cake, you should give her a call!!!

Now how perfect is this cake? Can you tell she is the mother of two boys?? Here's how creative she is: the haystack cake was just for the birthday boy to smash and smear as all one-year-olds always do.