Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kindergarten, Here We Come!

Now that Grant is tucked soundly into bed and off in Sweet Dream Land, I wanted to take a few minutes to share in some special events that happened today because it helps me to ignore the conflicting storm of emotions rolling through my heart and head right now. I have to keep it together. I can't give in to the strongest emotion that is pounding at my heart that keeps crying out, "He's not a baby anymore. It's time for him to go out into his little kindergarten world." I mean, wasn't it just yesterday that I was lying in my hospital bed and watching him - falling in love with my new baby - and listening to his quiet and gentle breathing... Nope. I'm NOT going there right now. Lord, give me peace.

Moving on. So during Bible class today, the kiddos that would be heading off to kindergarten tomorrow had a special event in their honor. The kids were blessed and prayed over for their upcoming first day of school, and they were also presented with a Bible that had their name engraved on it. It was a big hit with the parents b/c, well - DUH! Who doesn't love their child being prayed over and celebrated? And it was a big hit with Grant because there were donuts, and his future wife, Hanna, was there.

Ms. Kathy is introducing Grant and presenting him with his Bible. He's so serious! Where did he get that from???

When Ms. Kathy asked him what he was looking forward to the most in kindergarten, he replied confidently, "The playground." We might be in for some trouble.

Hanna and Grant with their new Bibles. She's not that short. She's sitting and he's standing.

And now that night time has come and the first day of school clothes have been picked out and his lunch has been made, I have to share what we did at bed time. Mrs. Williams, Grant's teacher (whom I already love), gave the students a bed time poem to read that wished them sweet dreams for the night before the first day of school. It was a very sweet poem that Grant really seemed to appreciate. The words were precious, the encouragement was kind, but the CUTEST part of all was that the poem told him to put a star (Mrs. Williams gave them each a star at Meet the Teacher last week) under his pillow to help him sleep on this what was sure to be an anxiety filled night. Too bad she didn't give one to the mommies to put under our pillows, too. The poem said she would sleep with the star under her pillow as well while she dreamed sweetly about their upcoming year together. Now HOW precious is that??? HOW wonderful Mrs. Williams ALREADY is! I just don't think of things like that. I teach 3rd - 6th graders. I don't know about these cutsie little things kindergarten teachers know about. God bless them! They are true gifts to our children.

After he placed the star under his pillow (he's sleeping with me since Kerry is in Boston on a business trip), we read his favorite book, said a prayer, and then I snuggled with my kindergartener, my sweet baby boy, just like I did the night he was born. I held him close and smelled his hair, felt his soft skin, and listened to him breathe. Oh, precious Grant, I love you so! (Even though you refuse to smile for pictures.) I hope you have a GREAT first day tomorrow and that you aren't nearly as nervous as I am!

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