Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!

Gee whillikers! (sp??) Blogging takes sooooo much time. I'm sure it wouldn't take quite as long if I didn't post a million pictures and videos each time... I L-O-V-E blogging, but between dishes, laundry, errands, diapers and other kid ordeals, blogging takes a back seat these days. You see, when I'm on the computer, Rhett is just positive that I need his "help", and then Grant wants to join in, and it's just one big mess. So, basically all computer things must occur once they are in bed. Problem is, that also seems to be the only chance I get to do that joyous to-do list. Sigh...
However, I'm taking a break from that to-do list tonight and FINALLY updating my blog. I know - you're speechless. And no, pigs are not flying. But you know me: It's hard to do anything "fun" if a chore is waiting to be done. Well, I've completed enough chores for tonight, and the house looks clean enough - for now...

Thanksgiving was GREAT. We spent half the break at the lake house with Kerry's parents, and we spent the other half with my family in Granbury. I truly cherish these moments we have with our families. I'm so thankful that I married into such a sweet family who love myself and the boys sooooo much! What a blessing! I am also thankful that my mom won her breast cancer battle a few years ago and therefore she is around to enjoy the holidays with. They wouldn't be the same without her. Sure, I think about how much I would be missing her if she had not beat cancer on almost a daily basis. However, it's during special times like Thanksgiving that I think of it even more and feel deeply - well - thankful that God answered our prayers and healed her. What would Thanksgiving be without her? Her chair at the dinner table would be empty. Her "annoying" humming (Jess) would not be heard. No doubt the correct holiday decorations would NOT be put out (no offense, Dad). The constant clanging of her working in the kitchen would be replaced with silence. And worst of all- I wouldn't get a goodnight hug and kiss from her. So once again I say, THANK YOU, GOD, FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS! I hope you were able to add special items to your "Things I'm Thankful For" list this holiday season. Doing so truly puts things into perspective. Besides, it's good for the soul.

A few observations
The best things about Thanksgiving break:
1. The food.
2. No school, lesson plans or grading to do!

The worst things about Thanksgiving break:
1. Rhett had five new teeth coming in - four of them molars!!!!!! Yes - you should feel sorry for him, but you should feel just as sorry for US!!
2. I got a nasty stomach bug. Figures... I NEVER get sick over holidays. I should've known my time was coming.

The holiday in review via pictures and videos:

Rhett "helping" Momma and Grant be creative at the lake house...
Yes, I think that's a bugger on his cheek.
If you click on the picture, you'll also get a close-up look at the haircut
Grant gave him a few weeks ago.

We don't call him Chip Baby for nothing. At least this time he's chowing down he's also reading.

Happy 5th anniversary, Uncle Josh and Aunt Jessica!

Don't touch the Christmas decorations, Grant!!!!

That's why I said to NOT touch the Christmas decorations: they can fall!!! Good catch though.

Grant having a great time at Miyako's (hibachi restaurant in Granbury).
"Maybe I can catch my chopsticks on fire..."

Look Uncle Kory and Aunt Kelly - I'm using chopsticks. Well, I'm actually eating with my hands, but I'm holding my chopsticks... Ten points for effort!!

Every good meal deserves a chopstick fight to aid in digestion. Look out, Uncle Garrett!

Who else can fit on the couch?

Told ya - the boy LOVES his chips!

Mimi and Grant doing a Thanksgiving craft.

Pops being used as a horse. Dude-Dad got to be a horse as well, but my camera was M.I.A. during that play time, so you'll just have to imagine it. Both grandfathers made pretty impressive horses. Look out, Mr. Ed! You've got competition: These horses can not only talk, but they can also change diapers!!!

Rhett's turn. Well, maybe not...

White boys CAN dance... At least to their own rhythm.

Boys will be boys.

Why Rhett refused to sing the "Spongebob Theme Song"(his favorite song at the moment) this time is beyond me. At least you get to see what happens when a 19 month old has five teeth coming in at one time. Lucky you!!!

I thought Rhett was done eating; afterall, he HAD left the table. I came back a few minutes later and found this:

Well, until next time, from our crazy house to yours-

Happy Holidays!!!!