Thursday, June 26, 2008

My failed attempt at a teachable moment

While driving down a road near our home yesterday, I became a bit appalled at the trash that had recently found its way into the median of what is usually a sweet grassy area with delicate wildflowers growing through it. I decided this would be a wonderful moment to teach Grant about the importance of taking care of the Earth:
Me = Oh my! Look at that trash on the side of the road. Maybe we should pick it up!
Grant = What!!?? I did not make that mess! I am not picking it up. (Now, it is important to note here that this is something I tell Grant every day when it comes time to pick up his messes. He always wants me to help him, but I always respond with, "I'm not picking it up. I did not make that mess." As you can see, it came back to bite me in the tooshie.)
Me = We did not make that mess, you are correct. But, God tells us to take care of what He gave us, like the earth, and since no one seems to be concerned about this mess, perhaps WE should be. Wouldn't that be a great thing to do?!
Grant = I am pretty sure God does not want us to pick that mess up. (Nice try, Dude!) Besides, where would we park the car? Someone could get it!

Making Progress

Look at how much better Rhett has become with his walking! Sure, it's a bit Frankensteinish, but he's just chuggin' right along as proud as can be. Disclaimer = I never dressed Grant in onesies to play in. Grant was "perfectly dressed" at all times. With the second baby, however, I could care less. If it's clean, Rhett wears it! Let's take a vote: Is that a bird or elephant noise he is making?

Flying Grant Video

Quick video of Grant "flying" at Bounce U. Ya know - this brings me to an interesting point: Safety has been an unexpected switch in roles between Kerry and myself when it comes to the boys' rough housing. I tend to be the one that is laid back about the dare devil stunts boys pull. Kerry, on the other hand, would prefer the boys' world be surrounded with soft pillows and that no dare devil stunts of any kind be performed. I really imagined it being the opposite since Kerry is quite the dare devil himself... Not that this video is exactly "dare devilish", but you get the idea. Oh, notice that I count him off before he jumps, "On your mark, get set, GO!", but if you listen closely you can hear him recounting for himself, "One, two........ free (three)!!" I guess my counting did not meet his performance requirements...

No, Grant did not intend to jump on top of the tall rectangular wall. He very much planned on smacking himself into it. Doesn't that sound like fun? Oh, to be a boy!

It's okay to be jealous

Look what was delivered to my front door a few mornings ago!!!!! They are from my wonderful husband. Attached was a card that read: Just a little note to say I love you and appreciate all that you do. How PERFECT is that?????!!!!!! And for those of you wondering, no, he was not trying to suck up from a stupid "guy mistake". He really just did it to be sweet. Ahhhhh!

Saving Summer Carnival Event

In an earlier post, some fellow moms and I shared our kid-freindly summer plans. Last Tuesday we went to the Incredible Pizza Company for lunch as it was their "Tiny Town Time". If you've never been - go!!!! It was very kid friendly and the pizza was quite yummy! Da-tee met us there and we all had a great time together. What a treat!!

Da-tee and Grant on the go-karts. Grant was pretty ticked
he was not old enough to drive by himself.

Rhett hung out in the Tiny Town section. This was his favorite ride: the frog that slowly rocked back and forth while making swamp sounds. We were sure to keep many tokens handy to keep that ride going for him.

Rhett enjoyed the train ride, but not as much as the frog ride... One would have expected the opposite since the train actually MOVES...

Grant REALLY loved the train ride. He rode it over and over and over and over and over.

As all moms would agree, the best part is that the boys took a GREAT nap when we returned home that afternoon!

School Playdate

Every-other-Tuesday marks Grant's school friends' playdate. This Tuesday we visited Bounce U and then had lunch at Chick-fil-A.

Grant's class from left to right = Jack, Makenzie & Kaitlyn (twins), Gabby, Grant, Emily. Not pictured: Seth and Stephen.
Grant is in the green shirt sitting between all the girls. Daddy will be proud.

A smooch for his sweetie, Gabby.

Rhett enjoys our playdate outings as well. He LOVES crawling through the obstacle course at Bounce U.

Grant and his best bud, Stephen, climbing the "rock wall" at Bounce U.