Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flying Grant Video

Quick video of Grant "flying" at Bounce U. Ya know - this brings me to an interesting point: Safety has been an unexpected switch in roles between Kerry and myself when it comes to the boys' rough housing. I tend to be the one that is laid back about the dare devil stunts boys pull. Kerry, on the other hand, would prefer the boys' world be surrounded with soft pillows and that no dare devil stunts of any kind be performed. I really imagined it being the opposite since Kerry is quite the dare devil himself... Not that this video is exactly "dare devilish", but you get the idea. Oh, notice that I count him off before he jumps, "On your mark, get set, GO!", but if you listen closely you can hear him recounting for himself, "One, two........ free (three)!!" I guess my counting did not meet his performance requirements...

No, Grant did not intend to jump on top of the tall rectangular wall. He very much planned on smacking himself into it. Doesn't that sound like fun? Oh, to be a boy!