Thursday, June 26, 2008

My failed attempt at a teachable moment

While driving down a road near our home yesterday, I became a bit appalled at the trash that had recently found its way into the median of what is usually a sweet grassy area with delicate wildflowers growing through it. I decided this would be a wonderful moment to teach Grant about the importance of taking care of the Earth:
Me = Oh my! Look at that trash on the side of the road. Maybe we should pick it up!
Grant = What!!?? I did not make that mess! I am not picking it up. (Now, it is important to note here that this is something I tell Grant every day when it comes time to pick up his messes. He always wants me to help him, but I always respond with, "I'm not picking it up. I did not make that mess." As you can see, it came back to bite me in the tooshie.)
Me = We did not make that mess, you are correct. But, God tells us to take care of what He gave us, like the earth, and since no one seems to be concerned about this mess, perhaps WE should be. Wouldn't that be a great thing to do?!
Grant = I am pretty sure God does not want us to pick that mess up. (Nice try, Dude!) Besides, where would we park the car? Someone could get it!


Alyson said...

Precious boys. It sounds like you are having a blast. Love the updated pics. Did you get in contact with Donna? I plan on seeing her this weekend. They are coming to stay with us tonight because she has a wedding to go to tomorrow. I plan on keeping Tyler while they go.

Alyson said...

Hey, Thanks for all of your awesome advice. Most of the things you said were must haves I have been blessed with and people have given them to me! I have the rainforest papsan swing and bouncy chair, the bumbo, a bathtub with the net hammock thing. We also have a crib/cradle/mattress/bedding. We don't have an entertainer, but I would rather borrow from a friend if at possible so I don't have to store the big bulky thing. I am not sure how I feel yet about breast feeding...weird too. Donna never used a bottle!!! I will have to since I am working, but haven't decided if I want to breast feed or not. We'll see.

I just registered online for coupons. Hopefully we'll start getting them in the mail.

It is way exciting to start registering! I have to start getting stuff ready in the nursery so when I have showers, I will have places to put everything.

I have heard great things about Sam's diapers too and Wal-mart's brand. So many choices out there!

A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

That is too funny - I think Reed and Grant could be pretty good buddies...they evidently use the same logic.