Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who says the groom can't roll down the aisle? (which he actually does, by the way)

Now this is the kind of wedding I want to go to!!! Now, why didn't I think of something like this to do at my wedding??? (Which would certainly be to the horror of my mother and father.) Not that I would completely go back and change my wedding. It was perfect. But I mean, how TOTALLY awesome this is! Sure, I had a dance competition between the bridesmaids and groomsmen at my wedding reception along with karaoke - which was TOTALLY fun by the way. But this... You can't beat this! This wedding party practiced this stuff, people. You gotta watch it! It's the most fun you'll have all day. I found myself wanting to get up and dance along with them, but I didn't because that would be odd and possibly freak someone out if they walked up and saw me dancing along with my computer... Maybe when Garrett gets married I can talk him into doing this... Come on Garrett and Dani... You KNOW it totally ROCKS ON!

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