Sunday, November 2, 2008

One for the Grandparents


I know it's been too long when friends and grandparents start asking if I have "adding a new post" on my to-do list. I have fallen WAY behind, and feel oddly guilty for that. I suppose that emotion comes from the fact that I'm WAY behind on keeping up with Rhett's baby book, and this blog serves as a kind of make shift baby book - but cooler. Ya know? And, I have also fallen WAY behind on friends' blogs, so I've got major catching up to do. Guess I'll add that to the to-do list. Oh, the list never gets smaller, does it?

I've been very busy with my two craft shows I've done thus my blogging has fallen behind. The shows were fun, and like I've said a million times, sewing beats laundry and dishes hands down. I've decided to name my "company" Scoodle Doots. I wanted a name that said "spunk", "fun" and I also wanted a name that didn't scream, "You will only find little girl things here - just like everywhere else," because you won't. I have LOTS of boy items - of course they happen to be my favorite. So anywho, "Scoodle Doots" sounded just right. Plus, I wanted a name that reminded me of the boys, and Scoodle Doots does just that: One of the boys' favorite books is Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom, and if you are familiar with that book, the main line that is repeated over and over is "Skit skat scoodle doot flip flop flee." It is such a fun line that comes to life as you chant its alliterative rhythm, (gosh I sound like the dorkiest literature/English teacher EVER right now) so I chose to go with it. The boys love saying it, I love reading it, and that's about all the reasons I need. hee hee I need to post some pictures of my work. Well, when the time presents itself, I shall do so. I mean, I'm giving myself a big high five for the things I have finally done. (can one give themselves a high-five?) as I have picked up the house, caught up with my laundry (thanks to Gramma), done some organizing (picked up parts of my closet) and worked on some orders. Oh, and Kerry worked his tooshie off cleaning the garage. It's amazing how good I feel when things are as they should be. Too bad as soon as the boys wake up tomorrow morning the whole house will look as if the kids have a horrible mother who never picks up anything - ever, who does not care to do laundry, and who seems to have forgotten how to do dishes and take out the trash. Never fear though... my toilets are germ free. ha ha One can never own too many bottles of bleach. (a little joke for fam and close friends)

Below are pictures of Halloween per the request of Mimi and Pops which is the real reason I write tonight. Grant was a policeman as you read about in my previous post. He thought he was so cool and said several times how he could help someone if they needed it since he was a policeman. And the world takes a collective sigh of relief... Rhett was a pirate because I was pretty sure he'd make a great pirate for whatever reason. (Mother's intuition??) Two days before Halloween, however, I came to the bummed realization that a pirate costume was not the best choice for him, but that Curious George would have been more appropriate. This thought hit me as Grant and I were snuggling on the couch one morning watching "Curious George", and I tell ya I quickly learned that - George and Rhett sound the SAME. They both communicate with "Ooooo! Ooooos!" and, "Ahhhhh-Ahhhhhhs!" and, "Uhhhh-uhhhhhhs!" and lots of pointing in between. But, it was too late, and fate deemed him a pirate. He pulled it off well, so maybe I made the right choice after all. To be honest, I was a little nervous about how Dada would react to the costume as it had lace on the front of it, but Dada thought it looked very pirate-like (he said something that sounded more accountant/smart, but hey - this is my blog so you get my version) and was just fine with the lace. Rhett's hair is spiked because it felt more appropriate than combing his hair flat and parted to one side. That doesn't sound very pirate'ish' to me. Much to our enjoyment, Rhett "got" trick-or-treating more than he did last year. Sure, that's to be expected, but Rhett really did NOT enjoy Halloween last year which left us nervous about this year. Not to worry; he loves suckers, and when he figured out that he could hold his spider bucket up to people and get suckers, he was a firm believer in the special happiness only Halloween can bring. You'll see in most of the pictures he's got a sucker in each hand. He was VERY happy.

Happy Halloween (and happy birthday, Pops)!

Break time. Which candy (or if you're Rhett, candIES) should we eat first?
Sucker anyone?

Shiver me timbers! This trick-or-treat thing is pretty cool! I got more suckers!
We want candy! We want candy! We want candy!

Dada, can you give me another sucker from my spider bucket, please? (Dada dressed up at the last minute per Grant's request. What a good Dada! I wore my angel wings from a few years ago at Grant's request as well.)
Gotta get my Halloween hug from Gramma (who is looking soooo skinny these days).

After gathering all the candy his bucket could carry, Grant wanted to help pass out candy. We were very proud of him because this was all HIS idea.

Grant helping Miss Shaye and Miss Alicia pass out candy. Look who came: GABBY!!
Oh, Gabby, you smile so pretty for the camera. We'll have to work on Grant's camera poses.
In other news:
1. Grant gave Rhett a haircut a few days ago. Both boys thought it was funny. I disagreed. Rhett already has Ashley-Myatt-crazy-baby-hair-issues. He didn't need big brother's help in making it any zanier. (Ashley, you know we love you and your cute baby orangutan hair you once had!!!)

2. I had to call a repairman to fix the garbage disposal as it would not turn on! Come to find out, the dude found a rock and a Popsicle stick jammed in there. The rock is odd for the obvious reasons, and the stick is also out of place since we don't eat Popsicles. I say this has to do with Grant because the disposal stopped working after he "washed dishes" one night...

3. Grant has overflowed his toilet... twice. You know that Charmin commercial with the give-way-too-much-information-cartoon bears that say, "Kids always use too much?" Well, let's just say Grant could have been one of those tp loving bears.

4. Grant put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher which I did not know. So, yes, you can imagine my bewilderment when I put in the gel pack, started the cycle and quickly noticed LOTS of bubbles oozing out the sides, top and bottom of the dishwasher. It was AFTER this that I learned from Grant that he had "helped" me and "put some soap in there already." He didn't just squeeze some in there - oh no. The child SQUEEZED half the large bottle in that hole you can put Jet Dry in, so that stuff was IN THE SYSTEM. I finally got it cleaned out after running load after load after load and stopping the loads every few minutes to scoop out the bubbles and water.

5. He painted the doorhandles on my car blue.

6. He planted some beans in the flower bed in the front yard. This means I not only have one of my favorite flowers, pink and purple Dwarf Rhuellia in my flower bed, but we also have bean plants as well. Pretty.

7. He chased a kid down the street with a stick twice/three times as big as he is. (the kid deserved it though, so don't feel sorry for him)

8. Cute one: Grant wanted to get some clothes like Datee's, so I bought him a brown belt and a pretty nice collared, long sleeved, button all the way down shirt. Grant LOVES them. He HAD to wear the belt and the shirt to church today so he would look like Datee, and he refused to take the belt off once we got home.

9. During a quick shopping trip to Wal Mart, we were greeted by the sweetest old man the world has ever known. I mean, the dude was OLD - bent over with a cane old, but soooo precious. He's probably a veteran knowing my luck. So anywho, he specifically walked up to Rhett to say hello to what he assumed was a sweet baby. Instead of waving hello back, or even giving the gentleman a sweet smile, Rhett shook his head vigorously and grunted, "Uh-uh!" Someone got up on the wrong side of the crib that day. So delightful. On a side note: If you're out there old man, I promise I am raising my sons to be gentleman and to love their country and elders.

Until next time, Rhett wants to say one more thing, "Don't worry, Pops. My momma says I'm gonna have to give my five teeth a thorough brushing before bed tonight."

PS. Oh, no! My camera's battery just died. I'll have to post some videos later. Sorry, Mimi and Pops.