Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hippity Hop: The Easter Bunny Rocks

Better late than never certainly applies here. I'm the last one out of my blogging buddies to post an Easter memoir, but I have good reason: My camera's battery was dead - again. Man, those things don't last long if you take many videos.

Grant taking care of the egg part of Easter. We purposefully did this while Rhett was taking a nap. He would have been waaaaaaaaaaay too hands-on. I could just imagine dye and cracked eggs scattered around the kitchen floor.

Saturday morning - one day before Easter.
We went to a park here in New Territory for a community Easter egg hunt. I heard FAB things about the hunts in the past. One lady even told me that last year a helicopter flew overhead and dropped thousands of eggs. The helicopter must have been in the shop this year because our expectations weren't exactly met. There were about 150 eggs that were strewn along the grass, but there were about 400+ kids that were waiting to grab those eggs. In case you are bad at math, I'll help you out: There weren't enough eggs. I knew the boys would be sooooooo sad if they did not even "find" one egg. I also knew that the probability of them grabbing one before an older kid did was about zilch, so I quickly devised a Plan B. I was able to trick (I mean, talk) the boys into playing on the playground at that park instead. Thank goodness they are so gullible at their ages...
I'm sad they didn't get to participate in a huge egg hunt because they are a part of childhood. They go along with sitting on Santa's lap, getting the chicken pox (before the vaccine), falling off of your bike and scraping your knee and playing in the sprinklers during those hot summer months. But on the other hand, I heard so many kids saying, "I didn't even get ONE egg!" after the low probability egg hunt, and I was glad it wasn't my kids that were saying that - they didn't know any better, and while others were mourning their empty baskets, my kids were having a blast on the playground.

They slid together every time. Sooooooo sweet.

This is the same park where Rhett fell in when I took the boys fishing a few weeks ago. This time Kerry and I kept a close eye on our little swimmer. He spent most of his turtle watching time in Kerry's arms or with me tugging on the back of his shirt.

Sunday Morning
The Easter Bunny came! Our Easter Bunny is pretty smart. He knew that Madalyn would get into the yummy candy that was in the baskets, so he hid the baskets in the entertainment center for safe keeping until the morning.
The Ring Pops were a big hit. This surprised the Easter Bunny because there were so many other fun surprises to be found while digging through the baskets of goodies. It made the Easter Bunny think of how Santa must feel when the kids play with the boxes and not the toys under the tree... But, the Easter Bunny's surprises came in handy during church that morning. Whew!
Look, Momma! The Easter Bunny
brought me another airplane.
I can't put my Ring Pop down!! I haven't finished it off yet!! Besides, I'm perfectly capable of unloading my basket with ONE hand.
Sunday Evening
Why not finish off Easter Sunday with a little roll in the mud??
That's mentioned in the Bible, right?

And just because it is so cute, I again give you...