Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Change is Good (and gorgeously gaudy!)

How much do I love my new blog design??!!! Sharon with Redbud Designs did a fabulous job. She was very patient with me and truly did whatever I asked until the design was "perfect"in my eyes. What a trooper! Be sure to check out her link at the bottom of the left side of my blog. She does other things besides blogs! She does great invitations and birth announcements!

And on a totally different note, I have to share what I learned today while the boys and I were visiting the post office: A) Post office workers are FAR from friendly. B) The post office does not have tissues.

Now to the story: Right as I was finishing up my turn at the post office counter, Rhett and Grant took off running away from me down the hall where you can hear "ghosts". (It's actually the post office workers talking behind the P.O. boxes, but I can see where Grant gets the idea that there are ghosts there.) After four steps, Rhett falls. He does not cry. He gets up and wants me to hold him. As I am lifting him, the lady behind me dashes over saying, "He's bleeding, a lot!" I look down, and as Rhett's luck would have it, he fell and busted open a scab on his knee. Saying that he was "bleeding a lot" was an understatement. I was not aware that bony knees could bleed that much. A leg or an arm, sure, but a knee? I noticed that not only was blood flowing down his leg, but there was blood in his shoe and on the post office floor. I immediately said to the clerk, "He got blood on your floor. (wasn't that nice of me to put the post office before my child?) It needs to be cleaned up. He is bleeding, too. Do you have a tissue?" Her answer fit perfectly with all her other I-hate-my-job responses that I had the pleasure of enduring during my short visit at her counter: We'll take care of it. I responded, "Well, I need a tissue or something to clean him up with," to which she casually replied, "We don't have any," and continued to stare at me like I was an idiot. I was pretty much at a loss at that point as I was scanning the room for anything to clean my child up with. (By this point, I have blood on me as well.) And wouldn't you know it, two good Samaritans came to my rescue. The first was a guy about my age (lest we forget how fab 30 is). As he was jogging out the post office, he said, "I'll get a rag out of my truck!" While he was gone, a precious older lady who did not even speak English came over, opened her purse, and pulled out a first aid kit whereupon she handed me two alcohol wipes and a band-aid. Wow! Thank goodness others were present besides the post office workers, huh? Soon, the nice guy came running back in with a bright yellow hand towel and said, "Here ya go. It's new; it has never been used," as if he knew what kind of germ-a-fobe I am. All I could say was, "Bless you!! Thank you!" That towel was put to good use as it mopped up the blood from Rhett and my shirt and my arm. Then I was able to clean the wound with the wipes from the lady, and I was very thankful for the band-aid since it helped to contain the blood oozing from his bony knee which enabled us to get out to the car and away from the post office workers who I wanted to share some thoughts with.

Rhett's knee is fine. My shirt may be ruined, but he is fine. But perhaps most importantly, I learned today that there are still people - complete strangers -who will go out of their way to help. It meant a lot to me. I feel like I am always the one going out of my way for others, so it feels good to know that there are still nice people - nice people who got out of the long line at the post office in order to help me - in big cities like Houston that help when post office workers won't.

I am assuming someone cleaned up the post office's floor that was dotted with Rhett's blood. I didn't stay to find out. I did, however, warn others in line not to step in it, which was more than what the post office did.

On a side note, the boys and I visited a nearby ranch last Friday as a must-get-out-of-the-house-and-do-something-new-before-I-lose-my-mind excursion. I'll post the pics soon.

On a second side note, since my school is already out for the summer and Grant's is not (the Lord is good), I am VERY much enjoying my time away from the busy child. Rest assured I am living it up on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays of this week and next week. To top it off, as if it couldn't get any better, Rhett has actually taken naps on these days. Woo-hoooooooooo! You'd better believe I've been on the couch eating chocolate and watching "The Golden Girls" all by myself. I don't think winning the lottery feels better than that!

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