Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Rhett!

Poor second kids - they never get the birthday extravaganzas that the first-born gets (or that seems to be the case if I'm the mom). I didn't want to sell Rhett's 3rd birthday tooooo short, so we had a little birthday celebration at a restaurant with our Lifegroup from church. I figured why not? We were all together having dinner... why not throw a little birthday bash in the mix? Despite its randomness, it truly was very special to share my sweet little one's third birthday with all our precious friends!!!!!!!

I asked Rhett to smile...
Hmmmm. Let's try again...

..... And, again...

Oh, forget it!!!!!!!!!
*******Yes, that is a fourth pink candle that found its way onto the cake. Don't ask... (Don't ask me, but you can ask Grant. He can explain that one to you.)
At least I got a cute video of the birthday singing which you can watch here. Don't miss Erin covering Avery's mouth at the end of the song so Avery couldn't 'help' Rhett blow out the candles!!! Sooooooooooo funny!
And as keeping with tradition, Rhett later told us that he didn't like 'that' song. SHOCKING! There's some proof Grant and Rhett are for sure related for ya.
Rhett, I sure love you, Bud (even though you aren't potty trained - - - yet!) Here's to a GREAT 3rd year!!!!!

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