Sunday, October 4, 2009

What I do to keep my sanity...

Before you view any of my most recent projects, let me preface them by saying that I THINK MY CAMERA IS SICK. My AMAZING camera no longer takes good quality pictures. Maybe I should take it into a shop. I hate to buy a new one since this one was a very expensive gift from Kerry that I have cherished for years! Anyways, at least you get the idea of my most recent sewing projects...

Halloween onesies for 3 month old Baby Ashley
(I ended up monogramming an "A" on the skull - not pictured)

Shirt for Baby Mason (ETA = 1.5 months) Not done with this one yet.
(His dad works for John Deere Co.) - the smoke coming out of the smokestack says "MASON"
I figure Baby Drew needs one since his daddy owns a cotton gin north of Lubbock.

Grant's 2009 Halloween shirt

I plan on making a matching skull shirt for Rhett, but until that happens he will have to wear his Halloween shirt from last year since it still fits him... somehow.

Baby Ellyse's 1st birthday gift = a monogrammed sippy cup and an "e" shirt
with ribbon and tulle
What, Logan? Did you have some news to share with us???

My "business" has really picked up lately. Sooo fun! I've already got some Christmas orders in! Can't wait to post what those projects end up looking like.

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