Friday, June 5, 2009

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks (and popcorn, and ice cream and pizza and a coke)!

Thursday night was a FUN family outing. Gramma and Dude-Dad gave us their four tickets to the Astros game, and we took them up on their offer even though the Astros are REALLY bad this year. But just like you learned from watching "Sesame Street" or playing on the "bad" team in little league when you were young, winning isn't everything. This rule can be applied here: Even if your team is losing, there are still special times to be had at the ball park.

**And might I also add before we go any further that yes, I DO try to get G and R to smile (or look normal for that matter) at the camera, but that actually occurring seems to be about as likely as it is for me to wake up one morning with short blond hair, being six feet tall and weighing 100 pounds...

There are special times with Daddy.

(Do ya think the guy behind Rhett needed some floss?)

There are special times with Mommy.

There's the special (and oh-so-treasured) baseball food.
Grant enjoying his all-time favorite food: popcorn.
Grant munching on his all-time favorite baseball food: peanuts.
There's the especially HUGE tub of popcorn that Rhett devoured all by himself.
And he was serious about this tub-oh-calories, too. We quickly learned that we were not allowed to touch it, look at it, or even smell it. Rhett often reminded the whole fam that he was not sharing as he would hug the giant tub and announce, "MINE!" I don't even think he approved of me taking a picture of it.

There's the special tradition of Cracker Jacks.

Lots of Cracker Jacks...

And there's the special Kilgore family tradition (more like the Daddy and Grant tradition) of hitching a ride from a "coolie" (rickashaw??? - not sue what to call it - basically it's a bench on wheels that is pulled by a bicyclist) to the car after the game.
Apparently, this is what Kerry and Grant do when they attend a baseball game together. I had no idea they did this. Although expensive, I found it very sweet that this is something special the two of them share as I have no doubt it will always be a treasured memory. And how lucky for Rhett and myself to get to sit back and enjoy the unexpected ride on that beautiful night?!!

And on a sewing note:
I had a great time making this shirt for one of Grant's friends. She graduated from kindergarten this week, and her celebration party is tomorrow at Chuck-E-Cheese. It's a win win situation: We thought she might enjoy an unexpected gift, and I certainly enjoyed the creative outlet it provided.

I am currently working on some other fun gifts, but I can't post pictures of them yet because the recipients read this blog...
In the meantime, keep rooting for the Astros since someone has to cheer on the underdog (I am thinking that this is a good time for you to do a special cheer my cheerleading friends who knew so many of my church friends were cheerleaders in high school? Shaye, Carrie, Kandy and Angie), and keep on sewing (I guess that statement mainly goes out to Heather and Andrea).

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