Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Day of Health

Due to my strong family history with breast cancer, I am already having to have mammograms and ultrasounds done. And I gotta tell ya, I am sooooo thankful my doc is starting this now. It really helps to put me at ease.

Today's experience was actually quite nice.
I had a great parking space,
was given a pretty bracelet,
and I was able to snuggle up in a warmed blanket while I waited for the radiologist. It was very relaxing and oh, so quiet. (Did I mention I was there without kids?)

What more could a girl want?
Well, actually I can think of a few silly ways to answer that question. But seriously though, a girl can want a healthy report, and I got one! Woo-hoo! One down, a lifetime more to go.

And it wasn't just me that was taken care of today. While at Petsmart buying crickets for the toad the boys found over the weekend, we noticed a parakeet that was trapped upside-down behind his feeder.
We told an associate and they immediately came to his rescue. Who knows how long he had been stuck!! Poor little winged fellow. But what was really interesting to watch was the white parakeet that stayed next to him as if he was offering his feather friend support. He'd anxiously hop all around the area trying to examine the situation while bobbing his head up, down and all around as if he were making a plan on how to free his frantic friend. The other birds in the cage didn't seem to be phased in the least, but this one little guy stuck it out (or maybe I should say 'hopped' and 'bobbed' it out) with his buddy. What a sweet friend! Wait. Can birds have friends? Well, you know what they say... "Birds of a feather flock together." ha ha

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