Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Perhaps I need some stronger Lysol

This is Grant's fifth day to be sick. This is his fifth day to have fever ranging from 102.4 to 103.9. This is his fifth day to feel pretty yucky. Count it - one. two. three. four. five. Uggggh!
So far in those five days...
1. He has missed three days of school.
2. I have missed one day of school.
3. Grant has seen the pediatrician twice and has received the same diagnosis both times = blood tests confirm it's a virus and we have to let it run its course. It is not the flu. I wish it was since there are actually meds for that and it would probably be gone by now. And get this - the doc says this virus can last up to two weeks. TWO WEEKS PEOPLE! YIKES!
4. Grant has spent Days #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 like this
5. Thankfully Rhett has spent a lot of the time playing games on the Leapster or the computer.
*don't judge me for my messy desk

6. And between being the in-house pharmacist and doing daily chores, I made this yummy treat just for me. I don't usually reward myself with food, but this is chocolate and peanut butter we're talking about here, dear readers, and that is not something to be ignored. I plan on devouring a piece with some milk during "Lost" tonight. Yes, I am VERY excited about this little date.

7. My asthma has started acting up, so I am certainly not at my best. The tight/inflamed chest feeling is not a fun one. I sure wish my asthma meds worked faster!

Until next time, keep your fingers crossed that Grant gets well so he will not only feel better and continue life away from the couch, but that we can return to our normal routine of school and homework and lesson plans and grading papers in a healthy, virus and asthma free house.

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